Family Surveys

    Families may access their survey by clicking on the link below and selecting their school from the drop down menu:

    Note: Since the family survey is an open link, families/guardians will know that their response has been recorded when they see a “Thank You” message after submission.

    Contact Mrs. Durham, School Counselor:

    336-703-6791, 336-701-5789 


    (make an appointment with Mrs. Durham using Calendly:  (Click to make an appointment (Links to an external site.))


    Opening Meeting Link Monday- Friday at 4 pm.

    Microsoft Teams meeting
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    Click the link to meet with Mrs. Durham. This is not a private link, but you have to be admitted to join. 


    Our Way Forward School System Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals


    it’s time to think about summer programs! WS/FCS will offer several free, exciting learning opportunities for students this summer.  Registration for various opportunities begins Monday, March 28, 2022.  Please visit WS/FCS Summer Programs webpage for more information about the variety of programs offered and to learn more about how to enroll for these unique summer adventures in learning.  


    "Team Bulldogs Attendance Challenge"

    Which Team (class) at each Grade Level will win a trophy and a treat for most kids in class each month of school?  

    Team Work will get your class past the  Attendance Finish Line to Win the 

    "Attendance Trophy" for your Team (class).

    Ask your student if they have won the Attendance Challenge.