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Hablas Espanol? ¡sí! Tenemos varios miembros del personal que hablan español. Llama a la oficina y pregunta por alguien que hable español y te conectaremos.
How do I check my child's grades? The best way to do that is through Home Base Apps. The easiest way to get to it is to click "Staff Student Links" at the top of your page and select "Homebase Apps." If you do not know your login information, you will need to bring your driver's license to the Wiley Office during regular business hours. While inconvenient for you, we do this to protect your student's data.
How do I know how my student should log into their student accounts? There is a master list of the main online student accounts in the "Students" section of the website. The page is called "Student Logins." This is a good starting point. Please be aware that it usually takes several days for new students to be entered into the system and receive their email addresses.
What's the difference between PowerTeacher and Powerschool Learning? PowerTeacher (or Homebase Apps) is the access to look at grades and attendance data. PowerschoolLearning (formerly Haiku) is the way to access teacher websites, classwork and homework assignments, and classroom calendars.