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    What does STEAM education look like?

    STEAM education is project based, hands-on learning in which students practice skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Students use their creative thinking skills to design, build, and improve upon solutions to problems in the real world. STEAM education is interdisciplinary, meaning that it spans multiple content areas at one time.

    How do students get STEAM education at Moore Elementary?

    Ms. Lisa Crede (media coordinator) and Ms. Kellie Harris (STEAM Magnet Coordinator) collaborate with classroom teachers to develop Engineering Design Process challenges, Problem Based Learning units, and Guided Inquiry Design units throughout the school year. Students attend a special in the media center and the STEAM lab once every 3 weeks where they participate in makerspace activities, research, Lego literacy builds, video creation, robotics and coding, and much more. We collaborate with companies and community partners such as RoboWunderkind, UNC School of the Arts AritstCorps program, Kaleideum, and local churches and temples to connect learning to the real world. Leadership opportunities across our Meerkat mob where teachers teach teachers, students lead school tours, and service projects happen at least 4-5 times a year. We are growing our STEAM program stronger each year, adding new technology and learning spaces for support.



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Last Modified on February 14, 2024