• Students travel to specials each day with their class on a rotating basis.  They come to art, music, physical education, and science each week.  Students have a fifth special that rotates by quarter between Guidance, Media, and STEAM.

  • Hello from the Art Department! 

    My name is Carol Mason; I graduated from UNCG with my BFA in Art Education and have been teaching Art since 2005. 

    Kindergarten through 5th grade Art classes offer individualized, differentiated and whole group instruction that help to insure every student's personal success in Art.  Multicultural and cross-curricular projects encourage creative exploration and teach students to use of a wide variety of media.  Art helps with mind and body focus, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills that aid additional areas like Math, History, Language Arts and Science.  Art Education helps to build self esteem and provide every child with a healthy outlet to communicate and express personal feelings and views of the world around them. 

    The PGE Art Dept. as well as WSFCS provides multiple opportunities through local art displays, exhibitions, events and contests to celebrate our student's artistic achievements.   

    I enjoy sharing my love of the arts and help children to find their artistic voice.  I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful school community!

  • Hello from the music department.

    My name is Denette Staley, and I’ve been teaching music since 1992 and have had the wonderful opportunity to be at Piney Grove since the beginning of my teaching career.

    Music at Piney Grove consists of group and individual learning experiences where rhythm , dynamics, harmony, texture and timbre are experienced through movement and dance, singing, playing instruments, games, and other various learning activities. Students are also offered the opportunity to join chorus in fourth and fifth grades and begin learning recorder in third grade.

    The goal of music education at Piney Grove is to help grow and develop a love of music and music making in each student, and to encourage each child to appreciate a variety of music and musical experiences throughout life.

  • Piney Grove Elementary is very lucky to have its own STEAM Lab available to all students.

    STEAM is an educational approach to learning which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Our STEAM lab uses computer science as a springboard for integrating all of the components.

    During STEAM classes, students begin to

    * think outside the box

    * feel safe to express innovative and creative ideas

    * take ownership over their learning

    * work collaboratively with others

    * become curious about how and why technology works within their everyday lives. Instead of regarding technology as magical, computer science promotes the question of “Why?” when thinking about a particular app or game.

    * learn basic computer programming by participating in The Hour of Code lessons that students all over the world have the opportunity to experience. Students learn a multitude of educational skills while continuing to be led through lessons in the lab using the website: code.org/learn

  • The Panda Counseling Department (Jessica Ceglowski) provides classroom guidance to all students K-5. Classroom guidance lessons focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or the practice of developing empathy through mindfulness and self exploration. 

    Group counseling sessions on topics like Friendship, Grief, Social Skills and more are provided on a limited basis as requested by parents and teachers.  Individual behavior interventions are provided to students in need of a little extra help throughout the day. 

    Mrs. Ceglowski is happy to discuss any concerns you may have via phone, email or face to face.   

    The counselor is also responsible for coordinating the Academically Gifted Program (AG), Section 504, Intervention Support Team (IST) and the Good Citizen of the Month Program.  It is my mission to help all students feel safe and comfortable at school so they can learn and grow more every day. 

  • Hello from the Piney Grove P.E. Department! 

    My name is Kaylie Fox and I began my teaching career 2018 at Piney Grove.  I recently graduated from HPU with a degree in Health and Physical Education and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work, learn and grow as a teacher here at Piney Grove. My teaching approach is to help every student to practice and maintain a healthy active lifestyle. 

    Kindergarten through fifth grade students enjoy learning a variety of games that teach team work and collaboration, locomotor skills, as well developing personal goals for improvement in these areas. 

    P.E. provides fun events throughout the year our students look forward to:  Tae KwonDo, Jump Rope For Heart and Field Day.  T

    hanks to the PTA, students and staff for welcoming me as a Piney Grove Panda, I'm excited to be a part of this school community!

  • Our Media Center classes are a little bit like our Media Center--they are mix of a lot of things.  We talk about books, authors, and illustrators, and we check out books. But, we also explore technology, art, music, science, social studies, and math.  In addition to classes, the Media Center also offers an Elementary Battle of the Books club open to all 4th and 5th grade students.   

    We’ll be receiving our new furniture this year, and I am so excited to see what our space will look like when it’s all done. As part of our redo, we’ll also be receiving Makerspace furniture and materials, so the students will have a more hands on, experimental experience in the Media Center.  Please check back for pictures of our new space around Spring Break 2019!

    My name is Michele Hughes, and I'm the Media Coordinator at Piney Grove.  I'm fortunate to work with Beth Secrest as the Media Assistant and STEAM coordinator.  I have a Master's in Library and Information Science from USC and a Master's in Anthropology also from USC.  This is my 11th year as an elementary school media coordinator, and have loved the last three here at PGES.  

    Besides working as the Media Coordinator, I'm also the technology facilitator, making sure all of our classroom technology is working.

  • Science is everywhere!
    Piney Grove has its own Science Lab and Science Specialist, Bonnie Adams. Students in K-5 visit the Science classroom once a week to engage in many different activities to increase their knowledge of the world around them as well as increase their growth in Science literacy. Activities could take place in the Science Lab or classroom, at the Koi Pond, at our weather station, on the nature trail, at the greenhouse, in the garden area, or anywhere on our Wild Site. All lessons are guided and developed with the NC Science Essential Standards as a focus. Collaboration between the Science Specialist and classroom teachers guarantee a learning experience based on needs as well as hands-on enrichment.
    Each year, Piney Grove students and staff team up with Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful to support projects that help clean and beautify our natural world. Participation in Big Sweep, Greater Winston-Salem Clean-Up, Bulb Blitz, and the Clean and Green Contest helped our school earn an Excellence Award and plaque for Most Creative Projects. In addition, Piney Grove proudly flies the Clean and Green flag.
    Two other projects that are a part of our Science program are Science Fair and Science Day or Night. Our goal is for all students to develop an understanding of the Scientific Method through research and hands-on experiences. Students have one year to complete a Science Fair Project, and then all projects are due to the school in early December for judging. In early January, the first place winner in K-2  and the first and second place winners in 3-5 continue to the county competition with hopes of making it to regional, state, or national. Piney Grove also has either a Science Day or a Science Night which is a fun Science filled day or evening with a wide range of topic areas. Teachers and outside sources offer engaging activities that are open to all students and their families. 
    If you have a love for Science, then PGE is where you need to be. From the quirky behaviors of the numerous animals in the Science classroom to the sometimes loud and messy experiments, there's Science excitement at the Grove!