The WSFCS BOARD ATTENDANCE POLICY AR 5131 can be found on the WSFCS website at http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/. Please familiarize yourself with this policy as it will be strictly adhered to by West Forsyth High School.

    Students should return to school after an absence with a NOTE from their parent or professional that contains the following information. The notes should be turned into the Attendance Office. These notes are kept on file for legal attendance purposes.

    • Printed full legal name of student and student number
    • Printed and signed name of parent/guardian or professional
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence (If no reason is stated, student will be unexcused)

    Administrative F’s will be issued to students who have more than five (5) absences. Any student who misses more than five (5) days or class periods (excused or unexcused per quarter will receive a failing grade for the grading period). Improved attendance during the following quarter will result in a grade change back to the actual grade earned for the previous quarter.

    A student who misses one half of a class period will be counted absent from that class period. Once arriving on campus, a student cannot leave without parent/guardian permission which is in the form of a written note regardless of age and without signing out in the Attendance Office. If students do not follow sign-out procedures, this will result in disciplinary action.


    A student who arrives late to school or class during the day will be subject to the tardy policy. Either the tardy sweeper, classroom teacher or Attendance Office will issue tardy detention slips. If a student arrives to school after 8:55 a.m. or arrives late from Career Center, he/she must sign in at the Attendance Office. The same rules apply when signing in to the Attendance Office as for any other late arrival to school. Oversleeping, car trouble (i.e. flat tires, engine trouble), traffic etc., does not excuse tardiness or absence.  The following are consequences for UNEXCUSED tardies:

    The first week of 1st and 2nd semester is a warning period.

    1st & 2nd tardy – After School Detention

    3rd & 4th tardy – Saturday School

    5th & 6th tardy – In School Suspension

    7th or more tardies – Out of School Suspension

    Note: An accumulation of 5 unexcused tardies shall equal one unexcused absence.


    Sign In-Sign Out

    A student of any age who needs to leave during the school day for any reason must do so with a note from their parent/guardian. Notes to leave early should be turned into the Attendance Office first thing in the morning. The note must be dated and have the full name of the student, the students ID number, the time that the student is to leave, and a parent/guardian signature with a telephone number where the parent/guardian may be reached for the confirmation of the note. Remember, all students must sign out in the Attendance Office. Failure to do so will be treated with the same consequences as skipping school. No verbal sign-outs will be taken over the phone. When picking up a student, a photo id must be shown and the person must be listed in Power School as having permission to pick up the student.


    After-School Activities

    In order to participate in any after-school activity, a student must be in school for at least 51% of the day. Students must sign in before 12:16 and sign out after 12:18 to receive credit for the day.


    Make-Up Work

    For each day absent, students are given two (2) days to complete and submit make-up work to their teachers.