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    Hello Falcon Family!


    My name is Ms. Meadows, and I am the Parent/Family Engagement Coordinator for NWMS. Last year, this position was called the Parent Involvement Coordinator, and I was able to build great relationships with many of YOU and your students.


    So, what's the reason for the name change? WSFCS wants to acknowlege the fact that family dynamics are expanding. That means, "parents" are not just raising our children.  Grandmothers, grandfather, aunts, uncles, and even legal guardians are part of our growing families.  All of these individuals are an asset to teaching & guiding our youth, so we want to refelect that in my title.


    The other change is that we want parents & families to be "ENGAGED"  in the learning process for students.  Through tututorials & practice sessions, we want to provide opportunities for YOU to gain skills needed to help your student succeed.


    Please continue to visit the "Parent" tab of the Northwest Middle School website  because I like to share new information with you.  I have a Parent calendar posted here as well, and it lists our parent engagement activitities for 2020. Lastly, I use our email & text service to send you important information, so always keep your phone number & email address up to date.


    I look forward to building a strong partnership with you.

    Let's make this a great school year!



    School: 336. 703. 4161.

    Google Voice Phone #: 336. 462. 9479.

    Email: mrmeadows@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.