PTSA 2021-2022 

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Should you have any questions about the PTSA or would like to get involved, please email ReaganRaidersPTSA@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    2021-2022 PTSA Officers


    President Katie Grubbs

    Vice President Tricia Nitsche

    Secretary Lori Starling

    Treasurer Kristin Melvin

    SGA Representative TBD (student body president)

    Principal Representative Suzanne Hanna

    Teacher Representative Melissa Maltba




    Audit Leigh Askew

    Audit Danielle Jackson

    Audit Kim Ferrell

    Beautification Sharon Montecalvo

    Beautification Colleen Lopina

    College Search Carla Sweeney

    Website/Communications John Sobon

    Facebook Page Sarah Kaplan

    Hospitality Kelly Holton

    Membership Tiffany Deonanan

    Nominating TBD

    Parent Advisory Council Beth Buresh

    Reflections TBD

    Resource Development/Tshirts Liz Wolfe

    Resource Development/Tshirts Angela Dixon

    School Improvement Team (SIT) Diane Olsen

    School Improvement Team (SIT) Suzanne Tomaszewski

    School Tours Kimberly Randolph

    Volunteers TBD



    Member-at-Large Melissa Maltba

    Member-at-Large Erika Hawkins

    Member-at-Large Maythi Calvert