• Join our Parent Teacher Organization

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    If you would like to help plan and make decisions on the exciting events at WS/FCS Virtual Academy, then sign up and join our Parent Teacher Organization! (Sign-ups have been extended until November 30th!)

    There are two current competitions going on!  The K-8 homeroom who has the most PTO signups will be able to "PIE" Mr. Holbrook or Mrs. Proctor at the WInter Holiday celebration on December 14.  The K-8 homeroom who sells the most items from the Mrs. Pumpkin's fundraiser will ALSO get to "PIE" Mr. Holbrook or Mrs. Proctor!
    Pie Face  
    The PTO Executive Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month!  General PTO meetings will be held at our quarterly Title I Nights!
    We have some amazing activities that we are planning in our committees. Once you join the PTO, be sure to let us know which position or committee you'd like to join. Then you'll want to join the group chat of the committee(s) you are interested in and begin collaborating with that team
    A meeting link will be sent to Board Members 1 hour before the scheduled meeting time.
    You may join as an..
    • Active PTO Board MemberAttend monthly meetings / help plan and implement fun school events
    • General PTO MemberDoes not attend PTO Board Meetings but receives updates to volunteer their time, supplies, or funds when needed! If you would ONLY like to get updates regarding PTO and NOT attend meetings, please sign up as a General Member and you will be placed on the list to receive updates.
    All volunteers must submit the District Volunteer Form in order to attend any in-person events for the district. You will receive a confirmation email once your form is cleared.
    PTO DUES $
    We are using PayPal or cash to collect $5 PTO Membership dues from all PTO members. These dues help PTO run and plan engaging school activities! Any cash will be collected in person at the VA Office.

    President: Pam Kozadayev
    The PTO President serves as the leader of the group and a key contact for members, officers and constituents. The President presides at all meetings and events and ensures all efforts are being directed toward meeting the group’s goals and objectives.
    Vice President: Danieal Johnson
    Assist the president. Perform the duties of the president if the president is absent or unable to serve. Participate in executive board meetings and provide input for decisions. Be an ambassador for the PTO and the school. Oversee committees and act as a liaison between committee chairpeople and the executive board.
    Secretary: Falon Wilson
    The PTO Secretary maintains the group’s calendar of events and keeps a log of important notes from all general meetings. Maintaining an accurate history of key points discussed at each meeting is vital to keeping communication open and transparent.
    Treasurer: Faith Royal-Paul  
    The PTO Treasurer is responsible for all funds that pass through the organization’s doors. This includes money collected at events and fundraisers as well as the disbursement of funds. The treasurer is also responsible for ensuring accurate bookkeeping.
    Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Proctor
    Reaches out to volunteers, general PTO members, and donors to participate in events or activities. Can use Sign Up Genius. Writes and delivers thank you cards to our volunteers.
    Communications Chair: Mr. Holbrook
    The PTO Communications Chair handles the creation and distribution of all PTO-related media and marketing. This could include bulletins, newsletters, school newspaper and radio show correspondence, the website, social media, etc.

    Messages and updates are communicated through a group chat for each committee. Please sign up using the PTO Link to access group chats.
    Committee Chair  (looking for a new candidate to take the lead 😊)
    The PTO Fundraising Chair works with school volunteers, parents, students, staff and community members to oversee all fundraising activities for the PTO. The Chair must develop and manage sponsorship and procurement and work closely with school administration to plan key fundraising dates.
    Current Plans 
    • Mrs. Pumpkin
    • Scholastic Book Fair
    • Family Kicks Championship Martial Arts
    • Chipotle Spirit Night 
    Committee Chair:  (looking for a new candidate to take the lead 😊)  
    Dedicated to encouraging students to become more involved on campus and increasing student interactions by organizing fun events for our school such as school holiday parties, community get-togetherness, contests, picnics, spirit weeks etc.
    Current Plans -
    • Winter Open House
    Committee Chair:  (looking for a new candidate to take the lead 😊)  
    Helps coordinate ideas/events for our families in need of supplies. Ex. toy/clothing/food drives etc.
    Current Plans- 
    • Holiday Food Drive
    Committee Chair:   (looking for a new candidate to take the lead 😊)  
    Helps coordinate events to give back to teachers and staff with monthly snacks, classroom items, etc.  
    Current Plans- 
    • Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
    We appreciate you joining our school's Parent Teacher Organization to help plan fun and engaging events for our students!! For questions, please reach our Magnet Coordinator, Ms. Norwood (kanorwood@wsfcs.k12.nc.us).
Last Modified on November 21, 2023