2022 WS/FCS Core Awards

  • The Categories:

    The following finalists have been identified for this year's Core Awards in each category.

    Principal of the Year

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    Assistant Principal of the Year

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    Robert Ash – Speas Global Elementary
    Stephanie Gentry – Southeast Middle
    Dr. Raphael Green-Hughes – South Fork Elementary
    Brad Royal – Reagan High School
    Dr. Stephanie Sanders – Morgan Elementary
    Evette Clemons – Mount Tabor High School
    Bridget Hayes – Mineral Springs Middle
    Lisa Nakawatase – Early/Middle College
    Sean Reaves – Union Cross Elementary
    LaJoi Wilson-Moore – Jefferson Middle

    Teacher of the Year

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    Classified Employee of the Year

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    Summer Riley – The Downtown School
    Emily Ruebel – Vienna Elementary
    Kimberly Watkins – Winston-Salem Prep
    Mahra Whitelock – Mineral Springs Elementary
    Nicole Wooten – Sedge Garden Elementary
    Laura Piner – Career Center
    Catherine Booth – Bolton Elementary
    Karla Sosa – Kernersville Elementary
    Craig Stanley Williams – Parkland High School
    Ashley Wright – Northwest Middle

    Certified Instructional Support Person of the Year

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    Judy Montjoy Volunteer of the Year - NEW

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    Tia Bradley – Ward Elementary
    Chrissy Sergiacomi – Sherwood Forest Elementary
    Donna B. Sherman – Sedge Garden Elementary
    Sam Zivin – Old Town Elementary and The Special Children’s School
    Laura C. Wilmoth – Diggs-Latham Elementary
    Sabrina Coone-Godfrey – Northwest Middle
    Stephanie Fisher Kennedy – Reynolds High School
    Angel Howard – East Forsyth Middle
    Sharon Montecalvo – Reagan High School
    Christy Robinson – Jefferson Elementary
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