2023 WS/FCS Core Awards

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    The following finalists have been identified for this year's Core Awards in each category.

    Principal of the Year

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    Assistant Principal of the Year

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    Brendan Elkins - Piney Grove Elementary
    Summer Jackson - Southwest Elementary
    Nancy Martinez - Career Center
    Thyais Maxwell - Carver High
    Stephanie Sanders - Morgan Elementary
    Brittany Barnes Polk - Wiley Magnet
    Crystal Brown - Main St. Academy
    Jessica Gillespie-Johnson - Walkertown High
    Adreian Pitts - Meadowlark Middle
    Patrick Saddler - Kimberley Park Elementary

    Teacher of the Year

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    Classified Employee of the Year

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    Josue Jean-Baptiste - Clemmons Middle
    Theresa Kennedy - Meadowlark Middle
    Janet Materdo - East Forsyth Middle
    Sarah Armas - The Downtown School
    Brad Rhew - Petree Elementary
    Tiffani Cash - Diggs-Latham Elementary
    Mary Beth Flynn - Piney Grove Elementary
    Michelle Jenkins - Career Center
    Kimberly Jones - Reagan High
    Gloria Lewis - Human Resources

    Certified Instructional Support Person of the Year

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    Judy Montjoy Volunteer of the Year

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    Grace Campbell-Sheran - Petree Elementary
    Kelly Ryan - Morgan Elementary
    Barbara Sexton - Virtual Academy
    Mary Tesh - Ward Elementary
    Sonya Withers - North Forsyth High
    Eurikca Felipe - Paisley IB Magnet
    Mitzi Flores-Hahn - Union Cross Elementary
    Camille Harvey - Brunson Elementary
    Jason Rubley - Piney Grove Elementary
    Lori Starling - Reagan High
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