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    Welcome to AP Statistics!!!
    'Over the last half-century, statistical analysis has been adopted by every single scientific discipline, from archaeology to history to physics, as the empirical tool of choice to advance its understanding of the world. There is no going back. In this context, those who deny statistical analysis as an indispensable means to uncover and investigate the nature of reality are denying the need to advance and perfect the scientific method itself.'

    — Bill Luker, Jr. Ph.D. 

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    due TUE: read Overview: What is statistics? (handout given in class) and complete pre-test by following this link
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    due THU: Please read the GAISE Pre-K-12 Intro.pdf (Introduction through p3, not including The Case for Statistics Education). Answer the following questions.
    1.What do the authors mean by statistical literacy? Cite exact references from the text (give paragraph #, line #, quote). 2. How do the authors define statistical reasoning? Do you think it is the same as statistical literacy? Support your opinion with exact references from the text. 3. According to the text, what are 3 things that the statistically literate citizen would understand about polls? 4. Choose Citizenship, Personal Choices, The Workplace and Professions, or Science, and rewrite that section in your own words, putting forth your own arguments. I will accept this assignment either via email or hard copy due at beginning of your class on Thursday.
    due FRI: Please read Statistics: Your chance for happiness (or misery), written by Xiao-li Meng, former chair of Harvard's Statistics Department, now Dean of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard. Dean Meng visited The Career Center in 2011, but due to our own limitations at that time we weren't able to film his presentation. Later I will, however, be able to show you part of a similar presentation he made to graduate students in California. Write a 1-2 paragraph reaction to this reading. I am interested in what you think of it. A video reaction is perfectly acceptable if you wish to do that.
    due TUE: HW Textbook Ch1 Read pp.4-22; do # 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 (hard copy to be stamped in class)  I understand there have been technical difficulties, but I hope everyone can be caught up, signed up on Canvas, and on schedule by Wednesday. 
    From now on, please refer to learning management system for all assignments.
    Datasets for TUE class. Follow this link

    Save the Dates!
    18, 19, 21, 22 APR - Practice AP Exam
    Practice AP Exam will be a major portion (60-75%)
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    Extra credit opportunities are announced on Canvas. 

    Quote for 3rd Quarter 
    The enchanting charms of this sublime science
    reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it.
    ~Carl Friedrich Gauss