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    Meet Your Teacher - Recorded Sessions (Conoce a tu maestra
    sesiones grabada

    Kindergarten (Kinder):

    Ms. Bell

    Ms. Craddock

    Ms. Hocevar

    Ms. Murphy

    Ms. L. Smith

    Ms. Tench

    First Grade (Primer Grado):

    Ms. Beeson

    Ms. Bell

    Ms. Day

    Ms. Dudley

    Ms. Hanks

    Ms. Steere

    Second Grade (Segundo Grado):

    Ms. Bell

    Ms. Bullard

    Ms. Glover

    Ms. Jones

    Ms. Langley

    Ms. Ward

    Ms. Whicker

    Third Grade (Tercer grado):

    Ms. Bell

    Ms. Green

    Ms. Lowry

    Mr. Presley

    Ms. Prouty

    Mr. Tejera

    Ms. S. Smith

    Fourth Grade (Cuarto Grado):

    Ms. Crider

    Ms. Gates

    Ms. Gervasio

    Ms. James

    Ms. Roberts

    Ms. Webster

    Fifth Grade (Quinto Grado):

    Ms. James

    Ms. Lackey

    Ms. Moriarty

    Ms. E. Smith

    Ms. Thompson

    Ms. Welch

    Specialists (Especialistas):

    Art - Ms. Metts-Ahlstrom

    Art - Ms. Gordon

    Financial Literacy/SEL/Brain Lab - Ms. Turner

    Media - Ms. Norris

    Music - Ms. DeGance

    PE - Mr. Leath

    PE - Ms. Faircloth


    Ms. McKray

    Ms. Strittmatter

    Mr. Sykes

    Instructional Resource (Recurso de instrucción):

    Ms. Cuthrell

    Ms. Morris

    Ms. Sergeant

    Ms. Spry

    Ms. Woodard


    Administration - A video message from Ms. Tiano and Ms. Rose



    Virtual Open House Sessions were held on Wednesday, August 12th.  If you were unable to attend you may still view a recorded session of your child's teacher's presentation.  Click on the teacher's name to the right to access.   →     →     →     →     →     →     → 


    Las sesiones virtuales de Open House se llevaron a cabo el miércoles 12 de agosto. Si no pudo asistir, aún puede ver una sesión grabada de la presentación del maestro de su hijo. Haga clic en el nombre del profesor a la derecha para acceder.  →     →     →     → 


    Remote Learning Reminders from Ms. Tiano and Ms. Rose.  Click here to view the video. 


    WS/FCS Logo   Students and Parents click here for help with Remote Learning.  Our school id number is 416.


    Estudiantes y padres, haga clic aquí para obtener ayuda con el aprendizaje remoto. El número de identificación de nuestra escuela es 416.


    Account Login Help Sheets     Help Sheet #2

    Hojas de ayuda para iniciar sesión en la cuenta     

    Hoja de ayuda # 2


    Student Login and Password for logging on to a Chromebook AND into Clever (where iReady is) - 

    User id is the first 4 letters of the student's first name first 4 letters of the student's last name and the last 4 numbers in their student id.  Example: The user id for Jonathan Smith 123456789 is JonaSmit6789.  The password is their entire student number (unless they are in kindergarten).  Example:  Jonathan Smith's password is 123456789  (Kindergarten password is abc).  


    Usuario y contraseña para iniciar sesión en una Chromebook Y en Clever (donde está iReady) -

    La identificación de usuario son las primeras 4 letras del nombre del estudiante, las primeras 4 letras del apellido del estudiante y los últimos 4 números en su identificación de estudiante. Ejemplo: el ID de usuario de Jonathan Smith 123456789 es JonaSmit6789. La contraseña es su número de estudiante completo (a menos que estén en Kindergarten). Ejemplo: la contraseña de Jonathan Smith es 123456789  (La contraseña de Kindergarten es abc).


    Once you log on to the Chromebook, if you are taken to a Google (you may also see Zscaler) page asking you to sign in, use the student's complete email address; using same student info in example from above - jonasmit6789@wsfcsstudents.net.  If password is requested use the entire student number (123456789 for Jonathan Smith if he is in 1st-5th grades or abc if he is in kindergarten).  See more below.


    Una vez que inicie sesión en el Chromebook, si lo lleva a una página de Google (también puede ver Znet) y le pide que inicie sesión, use la dirección de correo electrónico completo del estudiante; usando la misma información del estudiante en el ejemplo anterior: jonasmit6789@wsfcsstudents.net. Si se solicita la contraseña, use el número completo del estudiante (123456789 para Jonathan Smith si está en los grados 1º a 5º o abc si está en kindergarten).  Vea más abajo. 

    WS/FCS Security Service
    What is the Zscaler Directory? This is our cloud internet security connection service


    Why would I need this? Students will need to be logged in to this service to see Apps inside the Clever App, Videos on Canvas and other approved websites using their internet.



    1. Open an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
    2. In the internet address bar at the top of the screen, type abcya.com or cnn.com and hit enter
    3. This screen will appear, Type your full WS/FCS student email address (found on the sticker on page 1)
    4. Click Sign in
    5. Students on Chromebooks just need to enter their email address. They should have access to all their internet sites and programs



    1. Open an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
    2. In the internet address bar at the top of the screen, type abcya.com or cnn.com and hit enter
    3. This screen will appear, Type your full WS/FCS student email address (found on the sticker on page 1)


    1. Click Sign in
    2. Type your WS/FCS password
    1. Pre-K - abc
    2. Kindergarten students – abc
    3. 1st-5th Grade – student number (lunch number)
    4. 6th-12th Grade – same as last year
    5. New students - student number (lunch number)
    6. If you have any trouble with your password, please call your school for assistance

    1. Click the Sign in button


    How to log in to Zoom video - due to Zoom security update on 8/27/2020, students must log in to Zoom BEFORE logging into Canvas. 


    Cómo iniciar sesión en el video de Zoom: debido a la actualización de seguridad de Zoom del 27/8/2020, los estudiantes deben iniciar sesión en Zoom ANTES de iniciar sesión en Canvas.


    Student login for Homebase Apps (NCEdCloud) and Canvas:  User id is their student number and the password is 416Wsfcs.  (Example:  Jonathan Smith's student id is 12345678.  To sign into Canvas his user id is 12345678 and password is 416Wsfcs.) 


    Inicio de sesión de estudiante para Canvas: la identificación de usuario es su número de estudiante y la contraseña es 416Wsfcs. (Ejemplo: la identificación de estudiante de Jonathan Smith es 12345678. Para iniciar sesión en Canvas, su identificación de usuario es 12345678 y la contraseña es 416Wsfcs).


    Student Email Accounts:  Click here to view video on how to log in to student email. 


    Getting to your child's Canvas page:  Click her to view video on how to log in to Canvas.


    Zoom Troubleshooting video


    Click here to view video on how to access Kernersville Elementary's Specialists' classes on Canvas.


    Student Password Guidelines English Remote Learning Help Spanish

    If you still need tech assistance, please email a member of our tech crew by clicking on their name:

    Peggy Norris

    Leigh Hopkins

    Sandy Funk

    Dale Weavil

    Karla Beltran-Rivera (Spanish)