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    Remote Learning Help for Parents and Students  - - Canvas login & access help here!


    Having trouble signing on to your Chromebook?  Try these instructions.

    If you can log into your Chromebook but some things are not loading or working correctly, you may be able to fix the issues by updating. Click here to try it!

    zScaler Instructions


    How to Join a Zoom Meeting for WSFCS Students 

    Accessing Wonders:     

    New Student Support Video : This video will support your students and families with how to access the student's Wonders dashboard and then how to navigate the icons within the student platform.

    From NCEd Cloud dashboard: Wonders is now integrated into Canvas, but students can still access the McGraw Hill icon for Wonders directly on the NCED dashboard right beside the Canvas icon. 

    Screenshots - Wonders Step by Step Directions for Students                                                                         Wonders

    Video tutorial for WS/FCS student how to access Wonders student dashboard

    OR  --  

    From Canvas, click on "ConnectEd" on the left of teacher's home page. The first time you click here, you may get a message that the redirect was blocked. Look in the address line and click on "redirect blocked". You will see:       Wonders redirect     Change to "Always allow pop-ups and redirects..." and "Wonders" will open!