• Reynolds Memorial Auditorium

    R.J. Reynolds High School is located in the heart of Forsyth County and has proudly served the community of Winston-Salem since its opening in 1923.

    The school fulfilled the need for a new city high school after fire destroyed Winston High School on Cherry Street. The site for the school was made possible through the generosity of Katherine Smith Reynolds Johnston.

    The original school building and auditorium have been extensively renovated and because of their architectural significance and continued contribution to public and cultural education, they are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Students at Reynolds High School have a wide range of academic choices, providing a niche for every talent and interest. We strongly believe in the education of the whole child and encourage participation in extracurricular activities.

    Among our strengths are a high academic tradition, a diverse student population, strong parental support and an active alumni association.



    The mission of R.J. Reynolds High School is to provide a safe, supportive, and arts-enriched learning environment that encourages all students to realize their potential, become continuous learners, and graduate as responsible, productive, and creative citizens.



    Supportive Environment

    • We value all students.  We teach all students. We serve all students. 
    • We teach students skills to learn independently, self-advocate, and be responsible for their own learning, mistakes, and future. 
    • Students, staff, parents, and the community support one another with empathy and tolerance.
    • A respect for the tradition and heritage of R.J. Reynolds High School informs our perspective and guides our actions.
    • Academics, arts, and athletics conspire to develop the whole student and promote character growth.


    • Academics are the core focus of the school. We maintain high expectations for all students and teachers and promote academic excellence and growth.
    • Teachers foster student engagement by employing a variety of methods, tools, and technology with a clear purpose and goal in mind.
    • The arts enhance the delivery of curriculum and empower students as learners in all classes.


    • The theme of “Arts for Academics” weaves through our practice and culture, positively impacting all students.
    • Arts are worthwhile endeavors on their own and inspire creativity in the student body, the staff, and the R.J. Reynolds community.
    • Arts are essential elements in creating connections and expanding cultural literacy.


    • Building a comprehensive athletics program instills collective pride in the student body, the staff, and the R.J. Reynolds community.
    • Athletic involvement forges character that will translate into students’ academic endeavors by imparting responsibility and instilling goal-oriented discipline that will endure throughout their lives after high school.
    • Participation in athletic activity promotes a healthy body and mind.
Last Modified on August 27, 2021