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    August 12, 2020

    Principal Mr. Trent Watkins     School Logo     Assistant Principal Julie H. Hartness

    Meet Your Principal  Mr. Trent Watkins & Assistant Principal Mrs. Julie Hartness

    Orientation Information for Parents and Students

    Virtual Times 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. & 4 p.m.- 6 p.m.   

    Mark your calendars for important upcoming events regarding Device Distribution. During the week of August 10, Forest Park will begin distributing Chromebooks and/or WiFi Hotspots to students who otherwise do not have access to a computer or internet connection.  Parents and students will participate in the Virtual Open House via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Don’t forget anyone with questions related to our return to school can call the WS/FCS Hotline at (336) 661-3128. The hotline is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday -Thursday.

    And you can find important Back to School information and Frequently Asked Questions that are updated daily on the Our Safe Return webpage on the WS/FCS website.

    Thank you for your time and understanding as we prepare for our safe return to learning.


    Meet Our Staff 

    Live Sessions If you would like to visit with your child's principal, assistant principal or teacher to ask any questions about the new school year. Please click on the provided link underneath his or her name. Thank you and we hope you enjoy our virtual open house experience.


    Principal  Mr. Trent Watkins  and Assistant Principal Mrs. Julie Hartness

    Morning                    •Evening





    Teacher: Mrs. Lynch

    Teacher: Ms. Miller

    Teacher: Ms. Davis



    Teacher: Ms. Fraser

    Teacher: Ms. Sink

    Teacher: Mrs. Mandy Cain

    Teacher: Mrs. Evar


    1st Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Tamara Dixon

    Teacher  Mrs. Tamecka Dixon

    Teacher: Ms. Hall


    Teacher: Ms. Lewis




     2nd Grade

    Teacher Ms. Pennix

    Teacher: Mr. Busmire

    Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Dixon

    Teacher: Mrs. Denny 

    Teacher: Ms. McGorda


    3rd Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Hudson

    Teacher: Ms. Waller

    Teacher: Mrs. Roy

    Morning                    •Evening

    Teacher: Ms. Moss

    Teacher: Mrs. Johnson-Evans




     4th Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Parker

    Teacher: Mrs. Penn-Ruth

    Teacher: Mrs. Robinson

    Teacher: Ms. Buck


    5th Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Curry

    Teacher: Ms. Davis

    Teacher: Ms. SK

    Teacher: Ms. Payson



    Morning                   •Evening

    ESL  Specialists

     Exceptional Children

    Teacher: Ms. McCain


    Teacher: Mrs. Omar 

    Morning        Evening

     Music Teacher: Ms. Hunter 

     Teacher: Mrs. Clay


    Media: Mrs. Ravel

    Teacher: Ms. Awadallah


    Art Teacher: Mrs. Crisp

    Teacher: Ms. Farra


    Spanish Teacher: Ms. Mejia

    Teacher: Ms. Guzman


    Guidance Counselor: Ms. Taylor



     P.E. Teacher: Mrs. Wilson