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    The Special Children's School

    Meet Your Teacher - Live Sessions

    Click on your child's teacher to be linked to thier live open house meeting. When the window pops up, click continue in this browser.

    Lisa Capps: Pre-K

    Joseph Chavis: Pre-K

    Stacy Church: Pre-K

    Brandy Dale: Pre-K

    Sonya Gatling: Pre-K

    Darlene Jackson: Pre-K

    Anastacia Newton: Pre-K

    Mary Wise: Pre-K

    Kristel Hunter: Traditional Kindergarten

    Jessica Sellers: EC Grades 3-5

    Cheryl Whitaker: EC Grades K-2


    Wednesday, August 12 3:30-5:30



    Orientation Information for Parents and Students

    On Friday, August 14, a drive-by time is scheduled for parents to come by and pick up hands-on materials, textbooks (Kindergarten), enrollment packets, remote learning schedules, and technology equipment (if requested).  Teachers will be outside to greet you and deliver materials.  Parents and children will remain in the car during the drive by visit and school staff will bring the materials to you.  The schedule below indicates the time your child’s classroom teacher will be at the school to meet you. 


    Parents will need to arrive at the times listed below for their child’s teacher and park at the entrance listed: 

    • South Entrance (Bus Loading):
      • Stacy’s Class 9:00-10:00
      • Brandy’s Class 10:00-11:00
      • Darlene’s Class 1:00-2:00
      • Anastacia’s Class 2:00-3:00


    • North Entrance:
      • Lisa’s Class 9:00-10:00
      • Joseph’s Class 10:00-11:00
      • Sonya’s Class 1:00-2:00
      • Mary’s Class 2:00-3:00


    • Main Entrance:
      • Kristel’s Class 9:00-10:00
      • Jessica’s Class 10:00-11:00
      • Cheryl's Class 2:00-3:00