• Technology Help Desk: 336-727-8300

    Login every morning to Office 365 (WSFCS homepage; Student links)

    • Login to your device w/ your WSFCS student email (first 4 letters of first name; first 4 letters of last name; last 4 numbers in student ID.)  Example: Tangie Baker 12345678  Email: tangbake5678@wsfcsstudents.net 
    • Your temporary password is your student number--please change it!  

    To access all your class aissngments & teacher pages-go to Canvas

    NCED Cloud/Canvas Directions-Canvas


    Chromebooks 2021-22: 

    All "in-person" JFK students will need to fill out an agreement and have it signed by a parent/guardian.  READ the agreement carefully.  All students are responsible for the care of their Chromebook.  Students may opt-out of their device by checking the "opt-out" box on the agreement.   


    Spanish Agreement

    English Agreement


     Please request a hot spot/Internet access through one of your teachers or student services ONLY if you DO NOT have Internet at home.


    Problems? Call 336-727-8300 for immediate technology issues

    Or email JFK-- Gina Cusato-O'Neal (gconeal@wsfcs.k12.nc.us) or Nicole Gottfried (nbgottfried@wsfcs.k12.nc.us) if you need a password reset. Be specific on which account needs to be reset: Canvas, email, logging into the device, NCEd Cloud.  Only your classroom teacher can help with Schoolnet.


    Video Directions: Office 365 & Teams

    Spanish Directions

    English Directions


    Kennedy HS school code: 488; School tech number 336-703-4143

     tech girl

    Where to start?

    Technology support for parents and students.


    Microsoft Teams-quick video



    Students, how to access CANVAS

    Parents, how to access CANVAS

    CANVAS FAQ's for parents 

    (includes HOW-TO load Canvas parent app on phone, view grades, change language preference, create parent accounts)



    NC Ed Cloud access: 

    Student Username: Use your student ID number and your same password from last year!  If you are locked out of NCEdCloud--email gconeal@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  and give your student number and name to unlock and reset!

    NEW students to WSFCS-claiming your account;

    Resetting your NCEd Cloud Student Password

    Call 703-4143 or 727-8300 if you're locked out