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    Reagan's Latin Program

    Reagan High School offers Latin I, II, III, IV, & AP. 

    Latin I is a basic course in Latin grammar and translation.  Students will also study history, civilization, mythology, and word derivations.  Latin II is a continuation of concepts learned in Latin I.  Students will improve reading and comprehension skills as they learn more about mythology and Roman civilization.  Latin III is a course based on authentic Latin prose.  Students will travel with Jason as he and the Argonauts seek the golden fleece; students will also follow Cicero as he unveils a plot to overthrow the Roman government.  Latin IV is based on authentic Latin poetry.  Students will explore the Golden Age poets Ovid and Vergil.  AP Latin covers Vergil’s Aeneid the first semester and Caesar’s Gallic War the second.
    • three-ring notebook with plenty of loose leaf paper (at least 1.5")
    • divisions in notebook (in this order): Notes/Classwork, Civilization/Culture, Vocabulary
    • pen or pencil (not red or pink)
    • highlighter
    • colored pencils
    General Information:
    • Students are expected to be prepared when they come to class (i.e., paper, writing utensil, book).
    • A homework assignment will not always require a written product (e.g., studying for a vocabulary quiz). Each homework assignment must be turned in before the bell rings. Late assignments will not be accepted.
    • If a student is absent the day before a test, that student will be expected to take the test upon his/her return to school. If a student is absent the day that a long-term major assignment is due, that student is responsible for submitting the assignment on time. (A student may earn extra credit points for turning in a major assignment early.) Since counted present while on field trips, students are responsible for turning in assignments on time; they are also expected to complete any missed work in a timely fashion.
    • One homework grade will be dropped at the end of each quarter. The lowest quiz grade will also be dropped.
    • Extra Credit Reading:  Students who want to replace a low test grade may read a novel (information on "Additional Reading" page) and take a test on it.
    • Extra Credit Reading:  Students who want to replace a low quiz grade may read a short story out of Steven Saylor's House of Vestals (information on "Additional Reading" page) and take a quiz on it. 
    Tutoring Times  
    • Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:15 - 8:40
    • OR by appointment
    National Latin Honor Society
    Every spring Reagan's Latin students are recognized for their academic excellence by admittance to the National Latin Honor Society.  To be eligible, a student must maintain an "A" average for the first three quarters and display academic integrity.