• Name:             Mrs. Tuttle
    Subject:        Foods 1 Fundamentals
    Contact info:   ektuttle@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Room #:          105
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    My Classroom Expectations
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom unless they are provided for food labs.


    • Cell phones are not allowed.  If I see it or hear it I will take it.


    • Students are to be on time to class, meaning they are sitting in their seats when the bell rings.  The school tardy policy will be strictly enforced.


    • Students are to be respectful of each other, the teacher, school property and themselves.


    • Students will be expected to enter the classroom respectfully and begin working as soon as the bell rings. 


    • Students are to be prepared for class.  You must bring required materials to class every day.  There will be notebook checks throughout the semester that will count toward your grade.


    • All materials will be removed from backpacks and the bags placed under your desk and out of the way.


    • Students will begin working on the warm-up assignment, journal or VOCATS notes as soon as the bell rings.  Please sharpen your pencil before class begins.


    • Students will raise their hands to be called upon.  Respect every person's right to express his/her opinion without interruption and without fear of negative criticism.


    • Students will use the designated hall pass and take it every time the room is left.  No passes will be written the first or last 10 minutes of class.


    • Students are expected to clean up after themselves.


    • Students are expected to work the entire period and should not start packing his/her backpack until the bell rings.  Standing in anticipation of the bell ringing or loitering by the door is not allowed.

Last Modified on August 14, 2013