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    Greetings PHMA Parents and Families,

    This year, we took the i-Ready BOY Diagnostic at home. For students who remain remote during Plan B, those students will take the iReady MOY Diagnostic at home. The Diagnostic assessment is important because it will let us know what your student knows and what they have learned since the beginning of the year. It provides parents, teachers, and instructional support staff the information we need to support our young people in celebrating successes and addressing learning gaps.

    Please review this important i-Ready Checklist to ensure that your computer meets the i-Ready System requirements and watch this short video to ensure your child is prepared to take the Diagnostic at home. 

    • Click this link to run the i-Ready System Check to ensure your student’s device can operate i-Ready:  i-Ready System Check if you are using a desktop computer or personal laptop.  If the System Check fails or you have trouble, please watch this YouTube Video with suggestions.  If your student is using a personal device, please consider picking up a district-issued device. 
    • Read the checklist for Administering the i-Ready Diagnostic (Families) (English | Spanish) 
    • Watch the short Video: Family Guidance for Administering the Diagnostic at Home (English | Spanish

    Visit the Family Center for more information on how you can motivate your student to do their best on the Diagnostic at home.