• Name: Mrs. Heather Wiley
    Subject: AP English Literature and English I
    Contact info:
    • Phone: 703-4145 (main office)
                        703-4146 (student services) 
    AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment: 
    Please download the 2016 Summer Reading letter and assignment for students taking the course at Reynolds High School (please be aware that the summer reading assignment for every high school will be different).  I have also shared the document with you on your school googledocs.  There are links within the assignment that you will want to visit.  Also, the course syllabus will be updated later this summer and will be linked here as well.  I would encourage you to read over the syllabus before attending the first class.  It is NOT necessary to print the entire document.  You may complete any assignments for the document by typing them on the same document in which you write your essay.
    For updates about summer reading and the class please follow me on:
    Twitter @mrswileyrjr or email me at hlbartowiley@wsfcs.k12.nc.us