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    We are excited to have the PHS Freshmen Academy this year at Parkland High School.  There are numerous studies that prove the 9th Grade Year to be the most important year in High School.  It is the foundation for High School students which most often determines a student's success in their following years. 

    The Freshmen Academy was designed to help our Freshmen be as successful as possible.  Our goals are to eliminate freshmen retention, prepare our students to be successful throughout their high school career, and provide a smooth transition from middle school to high school.

    The basic purpose, premises, goals and outcomes of an effective Freshmen Academy is the following:

    • To create an academic environment for 9th Grade students that will help ensure their success and the successful transition from middle school to high school.

    • Students attend classes in the 600 Building which is separated from the main building except for the science classes which are located closest to the 600 Building.

    • Freshmen Academy teachers meet with the administration and a member of student services assigned to the Freshmen Academy weekly to discuss concerns with individual students.

    • The teachers, administrator and a member of student services develop individualized strategies to help that students become successful in high school.  The discussed strategies may include frquent monitiring, additinal tutoring,differentiated instruction, parent conferences, counseling, Excetion Children referrals, etc...a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

    • Freshmen Academy Teachers, students, and staff develop relationships with community members which keeps parents aware of their child's grades or academic deficienies.

    • Teachers and students develop a professional and personal relationhip that promotes academic performance.

    • Students paricipate in "Prime Time" that allows students to explore their interest, career and college options and promote strong study habits.



      • To provide a smooth transition from middle school to high school

      • To reduce 9th grade retention

      • To increase the graduation rate