Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • The mission statement of North Hills Elementary School (NHES) is committed to the education of all our students in a supportive collaborative environment, using tiered instructions to prepare for successful learning in middle school.

    The vision is that North Hills Elementary will motive, inspire, and challenge students to reach their greatest potential by meeting them where they are academically and behavioral.


    North Hills Elementary Belief Statements:

    1. Every child has value.
    2. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the teaching-learning process.
    3. A safe and supportive leaning environment promotes student achievement.
    4. Education is a lifelong process.
    5. Collaboration among staff enhances the quality of instruction and student achievement.
    6. Every student learns differently and can be successful.
    7. Quality relationships and high expectations enhance teaching and learning.
    8. Social skills are essential for success in the classroom, school, and community.
    9. It takes a community to nurture, support, and educate children.

    We know that parent involvement in our school can have a dramatic effect on the academic achievement of our students. This plan is developed with the goal of developing and maintain a strong partnership with all our parents so that our students will be provided with the best possible education we can offer.

    We value our parental and community partners. We are confident that the following local and district goals will aid in increasing our student achievement.


    1. Parental Contribution

    Goal 1:  Increase parental contribution in parental involvement policy, student compact and academic (reading, math & science) events and development.

    • Parent survey is conducted in the fall(August) and in the spring(April) of the year to gather school improvement recommendations.
    • Parent meeting is held in the fall (August) to review, develop and revise the parent involvement policy, parent involvement plan and student compact.
    • Title I Annual Review Meeting is held in September to inform the parents of right to know, program details, parent responsibility as a partner and budget allocation.
    • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings are held in each academic quarter.
    • Parents are invited to the School Improvement Plan (SIT) meetings held bi-weekly for review and updating SIT goals (parent representative is Mrs. Rogers).






    1. Parental and Staff Development (Workshops & Training)

    Goal 2: Provide parental and staff training and activities to assist in supporting the student’s academic and healthy development and to assist in parents gaining a clear understanding of the academic requirements on the local and district level.

    • Open House is held in August for student and parental expectations and relationship building.
    • PTA Grandparent’s Day Held in September
    • K-1 Parent Literacy Workshop is held in October (PACE/Jeanine Cox(consultant) is contracted for literacy activities presented)
    • Parent Teacher Conferences held in November, January, March and April (Student lead) for 15 minute intervals with the teacher and Parent Involvement Coordinator holds express workshop on child development, suggestions for discipline at home and school, school data review and take home activities to grow their students’ academic confident.
    • PTA Fall Festival for family nurturing
    • Science Fair in December (How to assist your child with the science project in November)
    • 2-3 Parent Literacy Workshop/Valentine Dance held in February (PACE/Jeanine Cox (consultant) is contracted for literacy activities presented).
    • 4-5 Parent Literacy Workshop/EOG Information Night held in April (PACE/Jeanine Cox (consultant) is contracted for literacy activities presented).
    • PTA Muffins for Moms held in May (“Strategies to stay involved in your child’s academics” presented by PIC)
    • PTA Donuts for Dads (“Strategies to stay involved in your child’s academics” presented by PIC)
    • Parent Academy to begin in January to be held for 6 weeks to focus on life skills (the whole parent) development, community partnership, collaboration with literacy, math, science and technology.
    • Train staff in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) each month at the staff meetings.



    1. Parental Communication

    Goal 3: Provide and maintain an open and effective line of communication with parents that is informative, accurate and accessible to ensure and develop a healthy partnership. 

    • School Website includes weekly activities, academic calendar and links to social media(Twitter).
    • Panther Connect Communication Log was developed to impose parental relationship building (Notebook to be kept in each class and checked monthly for accountability, each teacher is required to make a minimum of 6 calls a month with 3 call being “Roar Contacts” (positive contacts). Additionally, teachers are required to make at least three attempts prior to requesting PIC home visit which one call must be a “positive paw call”.
    • Parent Resource Center at the front of the building for local community resources.
    • Staff interpreters available for non-English speaking parents for daily and ongoing activities.
    • Material Translations for all material sent home or distributed (flyers, forms and handbook etc.)
    • Weekly Thursday Communication Folder
    • Monthly “Connect 5 “Calls or as needed for weekly activities
    • Teachers communicate through text message and smart phone apps (Class Doujo) for student progress and updates which are noted in the Parent Teacher Partner Notebook.
    • Power School Parent Portal used for student updates on grades, attendance etc.
    • PIC makes home visits as requested by teacher or other NHES staff.


    1. Community Engagement

    Goal 4: Maintain, improve and educate community partners and stakeholders that will nurture a mature relationship that will support local and district partnerships.

    • Hold a stakeholder and partner’s meeting in the Summer(July) and Winter(January) to discuss ongoing partnership needs where PTA parent representative are invited for input (Partners include but not limited to: Food Lion, BB&T, Amarr, Texas Pete, Long Construction, Piney Grove Baptist Church, Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church and Wake Forest University).
    • Cooperate and traditional Volunteer Orientation held in October.
    • PIC will send out notification for holiday family needs in October.
    • Donation phone calls, emails and letter ongoing as directed by the need of the school.
    • Thank you notes mailed after every donation received.
    • Cooperate Volunteers participate in reading “Bookworm” curriculum for identified students weekly.
    • PIC is a member of the Forsyth County Mental Health Collaborative board to build upon community partnerships.
    • PIC participates in district community engagement events
    • PIC is a member of the EFFECT TEAM that engages parent participation in at least two parental collaborative events annually.


    1. Academic Targets (Reading, Math & Science)

    Goal 5: Increase parental knowledge and understanding on student academic proficiency in reading, math and science as directed by local and district goals.

    • Present and review School Improvement Plan at the Annual Parent meeting and give way for questions and understanding.
    • Educate parents during the literacy night held throughout the year on the supplement reading enhancement tools i.e.
    • Educate parents during parent teacher conference about supplement tools by the school.
    • Hold a parental “How to assist in my child’s Science project informational” held a month prior to science fair.
    • Read across America Week (February)
    • Parent Reading Pledge in November for National Parent Involvement Month.


    Committees/Goal Teams:

    • Family Engagement
    • SIT Team
    • PBIS Team
    • Parent/Staff Involvement Goal Team
    • Dream Girls


    Parent Involvement Coordinator Duties:

    PIC Duties Including District Responsibilities:

    ·         Facilitate 4 parent/teacher workshops a year

    ·         Coordinate Monthly Parent Support Groups “Parent Voices” and “Parent Academy” (Jan) for 6 weeks.

    ·         Chair the Parent Involvement Committee (Goal Team) (PIC Committee-to include Teachers/Staff & Parents) …. This committee will plan and coordinate family school activities for the year.

    ·         Coordinate and Facilitate annual parent meeting to develop and improve parent involvement policies and compacts (June & September).

    ·         Attend monthly district PIC meetings

    ·         Attend the annual PIC Conference (Professional Development)

    ·         Provide two parent representatives for the district Advisory Committee (August 30).

    ·         Maintain and develop multiple communication channels for parents (Newsletters, monthly calendars, blogs, emails, text, and social media)

    ·         Develop and distribute quarterly Newsletter (Panther Journal)

    ·         Provide prevention, intervention and “positive paw” home visits. (Home visit letters sent out at the beginning of the school year to request positive paw visits at the beginning of the school year, other visits to include but not limited to school document delivery, child behavior and parent/student transportation).

    ·         Participate in parent/teacher conferences.

    ·         Collaborate with community partners: meet in the summer (July) or prior to school opening to discuss school needs for the upcoming year. Identify a contact person for community partners. Invite community partners to annual volunteer luncheon.

    ·         Coordinate a “Parent Corner” during the annual “Open House”. (Helpful hints for parents for the year, solicit participation in the “Parent Circle”, obtain a donation for free PTA memberships).

    ·         Attend and participate in Title I Annual Meetings/ be available to assist parents in understanding information shared. (Provide a celebration party for the class that has the highest attendance.

    ·         Co-Chair of the District E.F.E.C.T Team # 3/ meet quarterly to plan annual collaborative event.

    ·         Update Parent Resource Stand.

    ·         Visit Grade Level Planning to discuss needs of parent/family engagement (at-risk families, PIC news and training).

    ·         Check monthly contact logs every 1st Tuesday of the month and complete accountability sheet (parent contact monitoring tool).



    PIC duties continued)

    Car Rider Duty (1st & 2nd quarter)

    Bus Duty (3nd & 4th) (Approximately 275 students daily)

            *2 staff members need to cover duty at the minimum. (if you chose to have three staff then that could be the alternate or floating staff that could cover when main staff is absent.

              *Main staff need to complete daily bus arrival/depart sheets; students are counted on every Monday. (2 staff are needed on Mondays)



    ·         Attend “Paw Patrol” intervention meetings.

    ·         Enter Swis Data on a weekly basis (need access codes)

    ·         Assist with quarterly Celebrations.

    ·         Attend PBIS committee meetings

    Faculty Volunteer Coordinator:


    ·         Supervise and oversee volunteer coordinator.

    ·         Attend annual meetings (September & April)

    ·         Coordinate and facilitate annual volunteer training for cooperate and traditional volunteers (October).

    ·         Monitor volunteers daily to make sure placement and daily needs are handled. (room availability schedule needs to be developed (121,125, wings room, library, cafeteria(9-10:45am)

    ·          Identify students in kindergarten and 1st grade who have scored green or yellow and have the same or similar struggles to pair them with “Bookworm” cooperate volunteers. (Need access to Identi-Kid and Dibels and TRC database)

             Note: EVERY volunteer that comes through the door, even student volunteers need to complete the registration form for approval. Why is this important? We need to know who is with our children always.

    ·         Annual report is completed to include student data scores and volunteer hours.

    ·         Coordinate annual appreciation lunch (to include certificates for outstanding volunteers, VC Roar awards, volunteer of the year(trophy) and regular participation certificates)


    Reflection Room (ISS Duties):

    ·         Maintain and manage the operations of the reflection room scheduled activities. (Develop and post rules and schedule for the classroom).

    ·         Train TA in the behavioral preventions and interventions used in the reflection room for consistency. (Interventions: SOS, I AM, Mirror reflection and role plays)

    ·         Receive email from administration to include daily suspensions (ISS, OSS or lunch/specials detentions).

    ·         Record in the Reflection log what intervention was used during the reflection period for each student.


    Donations: School Staff Effort

    • Every donation that comes to the school should be reported to PFEC for end of the year reporting and gratitude cards mailed.
    • Solicit donations for student and teacher activities during the year.
    • Manage seasonal donations such as Santa’s Helpers.



    • Collect agendas, sign in sheets and minutes for Title I crate



    Back Pack Program: Average 100 students a week.

    • Oversee community volunteers’ weekly
    • Send a letter home for parental approval at the beginning of the year
    • Meet with community volunteers in August to discuss annual program.
    • Back Pack is distributed every Friday or last day of the academic week.
    • Complete Monthly Report (Due by the 10th of the month)


    Business Partner Coordinator:

    • Coordinate an annual business partner checkup meeting prior to school starting to discuss needs of the school in July.
    • Recruit and build new partners on a bi- weekly basis to discuss our school and school needs.
    • Contact business partners on a regular basis to maintain and build a strong relationship. (email, telephone call, face to face or letters)




    Title I Crate

    The Title I Crate consist of several strands. The local Title I school is responsible for Strand I, Strand III, Strand IV and Monitoring Documents. Each Strand has several indicators that required several documents dropped on a daily and quarterly basis. Below you will find documents that the PIC will need to obtain from identified positions:

    Principal Krafft:

    • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
    • IReady Student Growth (3 times)
    • IReady Student usage (Quarterly)
    • Early release professional development schedule and activity material, agendas and sign in sheets.
    • Walk through tool
    • Sample completed walk throughs(quarterly)
    • Parent’s Right to know letter (school report card)

    Assistant Principal Hamilton or the PBIS Chair:

    • PBIS Plan 2020-2021
    • PBIS Policies and Procedures
    • Meeting Agendas & Sign in sheets

    Curriculum Coordinator:

    ·         Student Achievement Data (after each testing period)

    ·         PTEC workshop schedule

    ·         PTEC agendas, materials & sign in sheets

    ·         Vertical alignment schedule (to include agendas & sign in sheets)

    ·         Vertical planning w/Pre-K (to include agendas and sign in sheets)

    ·         Schedule for any bridge program to include reading and math (Ex. Math & reading schedule for 3rd, 4th, & 5th).

    ·         Tutoring Intervention Schedule

    ·         Common Formative Assessment Schedule.

    ·         Common Formative Assessment tool sample for each testing grade level.

    ·         PLT meeting agenda, minutes, sign in sheets (quarterly)

    ·         Student Data from BOY, MOY and EOY for testing grade levels.


    Strand I to include:

    • Indicator 1-Parent meetings to include minutes, agenda, sign in sheets (quarterly)
    • Indicator 2-Parent Involvement Policy 5 samples from each grade level.
    • Indicator 3-Parent Consults, Samples of compacts from each grade level, evidence of annual Title I meeting, schedule of parent teacher conferences, progress reports, report cards, parent contact logs(quarterly)
    • Indicator 4- parent & staff workshops; samples of parent communications; sample of social media evidence.
    • Indicator 5-Eveidence of dissemination of information in multiple languages; parent’s right to know letter.









    Lead Teachers:

    • Parent Conference Schedule for each teacher in your grade level in English and Spanish.
    • Report Card Samples from each teacher(English/Spanish) quarterly/7 samples from each teacher
    • Progress Reports from each teacher (English/Spanish) quarterly/ 7 Samples from each teacher.
    • Behavioral Reports/ 3 samples
    • Parent Contact Logs (will be collected monthly (2nd Tuesday of the month)
    • PEP samples from each grade level
    • Samples of CFA’s for all grade levels that apply.
    • Sample of student portfolios (across grade levels)
    • Parent conference sign in sheets (sign in sheets will be placed in your door mail box the day of the conference and collected the day after, place the completed sheet back in the door to be collected)

    SIT Chair/Secretary:

    • Meeting Agendas
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Sign-In Sheets



    Bilingual Front Office Secretary:

    • Sample of all documents sent home to the families in the weekly Thursday folder (collected monthly)





    Proposed Daily PFEC Schedule:

    7:45-7:50 Check In

    7:50-8:20 Car Duty (1st & 3rd quarter) Bus Duty (2nd & 4th quarter)

    8:20-8:30 PBIS/ISS Morning Check In & Follow up

    8:30-8:40 Morning Announcements/Daily Check Volunteer Schedule for space availability)

    8:40-8:50 Pick Up ISS Students (Assigned TA will pick up when in meetings)

    8:50-9:50 Facilitate Reflection Intervention/Review & Assist Student with class work (complete reflection intervention log)

    9:50-10:50 Review for Title I Crate drops

    11:50-1:15 Business/Family networking, Donations, Volunteers, backpack preparation and reporting.

    1:20-2:40 Title I Crate drops/Enter & Collect Swis data for PBIS (Dismiss students at 2:40 & recap reflection intervention)

    2:50- Car Duty or Bus Duty


    Proposed Schedule for TA when students are in the Reflection Room:

    7:45-7:50 Check In

    7:50-8:20 Assigned Moring Duty

    8:20-9:00 Grade level Assistance (breaks & make copies)

    9:50-11:00 Assist with reflection room students

    11:00-11:30 Reflection Students Recreation Time (Gym)

    11:30-12:00 Lunch brought back to class

    12:00-1:30 Complete Classwork

    1:30-2:00 Review reflection intervention & classwork to return to homeroom

    2:00-2:40 Asist grade level teachers with

    2:50 Afternoon Duty