• Wiley is a STEAM Magnet school.  This is something we are really proud of!  Learn more about Magnet Schools and what it means to be a STEAM School below!

What is a Magnet School?

  • Magnet schools are like regular schools, but with a little bit extra.  The little extra is what we call a magnet focus.

    You'll see the focus in lots of ways.  It might be in your regular classes, special encore classes, clubs, special events, or other activities.

    Each magnet school is different because of their magnet focus and way that they do that focus.


    In WSFCS, being a magnet school means that students from all over Forsyth County can choose to go there.  Each year the district has what we call the "magent choice" period, which is a chance for students and families to look at the different magnet schools and decide if they would like to go to a magnet school or their neighborhood school.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access
  • So what that means is that we use the parts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) all of the time!  You aren't just going to do math in math class - you will be seeing it and using it throughout your day.  And the same goes for the other parts of STEAM.

    When you grow up and leave school, Science doesn't exist by itself. It is supported by all of the other subjects.   By mixing all the different areas of your education, we are helping students be prepared for their future!

    We celebrate STEAM in lots of ways!  You won't see all parts of STEAM in every class, every day.  But you will be seeing parts of it in lots of places throughout your school day.  We share some of these special projects and activities on our website here.

    In addition to your regular classes, we offer lots of clubs that focus on STEAM.  Some great examples are Robotics Team, Art Club, and Coding Club. 

    We also have special events throughout the year.  We invite guest speakers, host STEAM Fest, and bring hands on opportunites to the classroom.

  • Want more information about applications?  Go here.

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