• Kindergarten Entry Assessment helps make student learning more personal

    In North Carolina, about 120,000 children enter kindergarten each year with varying experiences, knowledge and skills.

    The Kindergarten Entry Assessment process will help teachers and families know the strengths and needs of each child.

    In the 2015-16 school year, North Carolina kindergarten teachers will begin to collect information about children to guide teaching and learning. The information collected during the first sixty days of kindergarten creates a Child Profile, capturing a snapshot of each child. Teachers will use the information, as well as information throughout the school year, to address the needs of each child.

    Through observations, work samples and questioning, kindergarten teachers will collect information that shows what children know and are able to do in a variety of areas. They will use this information to support classroom instruction and student learning.

    Because families are a valuable source of information, a child’s teacher may ask for help to learn more about the child. Here are some potential questions a teacher may ask:

    • What is your child most excited about learning?

    • How does your child typically approach new things, such as meeting new people or going to new places? How do you help your child prepare for new experiences?

    • What new things would you like your child to learn? Why are these important to you?

    • How does your child show emotions? (e.g., happiness, sadness, surprise, frustration) How do you respond? (e.g., when they show happiness …frustration)

    • What does your child like to do at home or with family and friends? (e.g., favorite games, books, toys, activities)

    • What can we do to help your child be successful?

    For more information, please contact your child’s teacher.