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    Andy Muse

    Career Development Coordinator

    The Career Development Coordinator (CDC) supports teachers and programs within the WS/FCS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department.

    They coordinate career development services for students participating in school-based Career and Technical Education courses. These include but are not limited to Career Fairs, Internships, Pre-Apprenticeships, Guest Speakers for classes and field trips dealing with CTE pathways.  They facilitate partnerships with parents, business/industry professionals, postsecondary institutions, and community organizations to support students' transition to postsecondary education and/or employment.

    Career Development Coordinators work collaboratively with administrators, student services personnel, and teachers to ensure the delivery of these career development services.

    Information and Guidance in planning and preparing for:

    • 2 or 4 year college careers
    • Military Service
    • Post High School Job/Career services
    • Summer Jobs/Employment assistance
    • Internships
    • Job Mentoring/Mentorships
    • Building Business Partnerships 
    • Personal and Professional career skills

    Contact Info  

    • Amuse@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    • Phone: 336-703-6700        Cell: 336-817-3280
    • Office Hours Mon. -Fri. from 10am to 11am
    • You may sign up for a meeting beside room 313 (my office door) anytime.

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