• Name: Michael Meeks
    Subject: Technology Engineering & Design Ed./Business Ed. - Overview
    The Technology & Business World!

    The Technology Engineering and Design program is designed to provide high school student’s essential and enduring 21st Century skills. It is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program that uses languages, technologies, sciences, engineering and the arts to understand, communicate, and design. The program has three principle curriculum strands.


    Grading Policy

    50% Projects/Tests

    30% Classwork/ Homework

    20% Notebook/Quizzes

    Classes of Instruction:

    Technology Engineering and Design

    Course Number: 8210

    This course focuses on the nature and core concepts of technology, engineering, and design. Through engaging activities and hands-on project-based activities, students are introduced to the following concepts: elements and principles of design, basic engineering, problem solving, and teaming. Students apply research and development skills and produce physical and virtual models. Activities are structured to integrate physical and social sciences, mathematics, English language arts, and art.  

    Technological Design

    Course Number: 8211


    This course continues to apply the skills, concepts, and principles of design. The design fields of graphics, industrial design, and architecture receive major emphasis. Engineering content and professional practices are presented through practical application. Working in design teams, students apply technology, science, and mathematics concepts and skills to solve engineering and design problems. Students research, develop, test, and analyze engineering designs using criteria such as design effectiveness, public safety, human factors, and ethics. Art, English language arts, mathematics and science are reinforced.

    Business Advanced Studies
    Allegacy Student Run Credit Union
    Course Number: 8595
    RJ Reynolds High School is in a partnership with Allegacy Federal Credit Union that allows students to earn and develop their abilities in the workplace. The school bank is an operational bank.
    The requirements of the course-work are as follows:
    This culminating course is for juniors and seniors who have earned two technical credits, one of which is a completer course, in one Career Cluster. The Advanced Studies course must augment the content of the completer course and prepare students for success in transitioning to postsecondary education and future careers. Students work under the guidance of a teacher with expertise in the content of the completer course in collaboration with community members, business representatives, and other school-based personnel. The four parts of the course include writing a research paper, producing a product, developing a portfolio, and delivering a presentation.
    Last Year of Offering
    Structural Systems: Expands on the logical concepts of building and problem solving along with developing a students ideas in the proffessional world such as engineering or architecture.
    Transportation Systems: Expands on the principle ideas of moving or traveling from one place to another in society. The concepts of presnt and future of different vehicles in transportation are explored.