LMS Vision Statement  

    Believing in YOU!

    Lewisville Middle School  will cultivate an environment supportive of student growth, inclusivity,social/emotional well-being, and community partnerships. 

    We will foster a culture safe for all students to explore their individual academic curiosity and become lifelong learners, empowered to be transformational leaders and dynamic world changers.


    Lewisville Middle School Goals

    With the focus of the student in mind, LMS will… 

    Design and implement policies, procedures and practices to produce successful instruction,social/emotional growth, and a safe school environment.

    Utilize data to guide our instructional practices creating classroom environments that empower students to explore their individual curiosity and take risks improving their academic and social/emotional growth.

    Design and implement its professional development to promote strong instructional leadership, resulting in a positive effect on student outcomes while inspiring students to become lifelong learners. 

    Create a culture that is inclusive, supportive, engaging, and understanding of the needs of its school and community.






    Lowana Wade



    Assistant Principal of Instruction:

    Alandous Hawkins




    Assistant Principal :

    Brooke Preslar




    Assistant Principal:

    Suzanne Hanna


Last Modified on July 13, 2023