• Dear parents and students,

    All student passwords were reset in August. The new temporary passwords are listed below; these temporary passwords also apply to students who are new to Virtual Academy. You are strongly advised to change the passwords after logging in for the first time this year. Be sure not to use the same passwords for both accounts, as this will cause one of the account logins to fail (and we don't know which one will be the one to break down).

     ACTIVE DIRECTORY (ITPORTAL) - Students use this account to log into Chromebooks, Office365, and Google apps that say "Use Google to sign in."

    Username: First 4 letters of your first name + first 4 letters of your last name + last 4 digits of your student ID

    Passwords for the 2022-2023 school year will be reset to the following:

     Pre-K and Kindergarten: abc

     1st Grade - 5th Grade: student number 

     6th Grade - 12th Grade: student number, and the student will be required to change during logon to ITPortal.

    NCEDCLOUD ACCOUNT (HOME BASE APPS) - Students use this account to log into North Carolina student information systems such as Canvas, Powerschool and Schoolnet.

    Username: Student Number

     The new password for Virtual Academy students is 398Wsfcs

     The password is case sensitive (capital ‘W’).

     All students should change their NCEDcloud password.  This will be a requirement for students in grades 5-12.




Last Modified on November 14, 2022