• What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!
    Stacey S. Jolly
    English as a Second Language
    336. 703.4145
    BA in English from Guilford College
    MA in Reading Education from Appalachian State University
         I teach English as a Second Language level 1 - novice, and level 3 - high intermediate.  My goals are to create a safe and comfortable learning environment where I can build on each student's strengths and nurture individuals in the hopes of creating a successful learning experience.  As well, I prepare the students to be successful in the 21st century and in all of their studies.  I encourage all of my students to build on their inner strengths and talents in order to find their direction in life and make a worthwhile contribution to society and be competent and confident young adults.  My final goal is to teach young people to be tolerant and compassionate.
    Be tolerant of the human race.  Your whole family belongs to it.

    All one family

    My Schedule:
    1st period    8:55 - 10:25, ESL level 1
    2nd period   10:30-12:00, ESL level 3
    3rd period   12:05-2:05, ESL level 3
    4th period   2:10-3:40, Planning
    ***** I am available to speak with parents any time before or after school, or during either one of my planning periods. 
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