• Successful graduates set themselves apart by finding ways to showcase their talents and skills through excellence in academics, relevant work experience, and a clear vision of where they are going and how they will get there.  Our Academies, Construction, ProStart Culinary Arts, Pharmacy, and Virtual Academy give students a focus for their work and the time to develop relevant, necessary work skills that apply to ANY career in their future.

    Career and Technical Education provides a focus for our students to prepare for the fastest growing, highest need jobs in the region.  Each Academy is connected to the local economy through internships, field trips, business partners, and community activities focused on Masonry, Culinary Arts, and Pharmacy.  Students build resume experience before graduation, practice essential employability skills, and learn from business partner experts in our community through field trips and classroom visits.

    Students strive for personal goals built around their own Career Development Plan, evolving each year as the student grows and achieves milestones.  Curriculum and instruction are integrated across subject areas, and career pathway internships are encouraged for every student. Community business connections aligned with each Academy introduce students to networking and the people who can help them succeed.

    At the heart of the school are our teachers and administration who are dedicated to building relationships with each student.  We recognize and celebrate these young adults in as many different ways that we can to share their talents and skills with the community.