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    The Photography program at the Career Center is designed to be a two-year commitment. The classes meet for two periods five days a week. This program is intended for students who are seeking employment or further education in photography, design or commercial art areas. This is not an exploratory arts and craft elective. Students must acquire good time management skills in addition to artistic ability to be successful.
     We have transitioned to a digitally dominate curriculum. Some traditional film will be taught to enhance understanding the photographic process.

    Photography I is a broad examination of “the tools of the trade” it is the how and why photography works. It is an in depth study of each of the systems and functions of the camera. No automatic settings are used. Study continues with film process, print process, studio lighting and digital imaging.

    Students learn how to produce a photograph from concept through to the completion of the visual statement.

    Projects assigned require students to have “hands on” experience in all phases of photographic print production.

    Photography II is a continuation of the concepts learned in Photography I with more intense concentrations. New topics include medium and large format camera work, color process, more intense digital imaging and studio lighting.

    Common questions:

    Are there Tests?

    Yes. In addition to the project work that is graded written unit tests are given. There is a quarter test at the end of quarters 1,2 and 3. All Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses require a state prepared end of course test. This test is weighted for 25% of the final grade.

    Is there Homework?

    Yes there is homework. A few written assignments and some research are assigned.

    The majority of homework is in the form of shooting assignments. These assignments do require time for scouting of locations in addition to the time spent for actual shooting of work. Most assignments require daylight conditions with no use of flash.

    Students need to consider carefully scheduling of their time with sports teams and employment.  Most all assignments allow for weekend shooting.

    Deadlines for project completion are strictly enforced.

    Supplies Needed?

    Students are required to supply their own Digital SLR camera with manual functions and changeable lens. Point and shoot pocket type cameras or without changeable lens are not acceptable. Please see the see the Digital Camera Ideas page for more info.

    A Lab Fee is charged: Photo 1 is $20.00 Photo 2 is $40.00.

    Competition Opportunities

    Students are invited, encouraged and (sometimes) required to participate in a variety of competitions.

    Scholastic Art Awards competition starts as a regional and continues to a national level.

    PTA Reflections competition begins as a local and continues to a regional, and national level.

    Club Opportunities

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