Increasing Positive Outcomes For All Students

LEAP (Leader Equity Advancement Pipeline) is a professional development continuum fostering leadership roles for staff, teachers, assistant principals, and principals who are committed to equity as a foundational principle necessary for student success. By providing access to transformational leadership opportunities and elevating the influence of visionary educators with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, we increase positive outcomes for all students.

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The Pathway To Leadership

We encourage the identification and self-identification of internal and external candidates that visualize the impact they can have on our students, schools, and district through their leadership. Ideal candidates center equity, have demonstrated leadership capacity, and inspire the people around them to innovate and expand possibilities and impact. For a list of additional core competencies, click here.

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Take the Leap

WS/FCS maintains a pool of potential candidates who have demonstrated their qualifications for teacher leader, assistant principal, and principal roles through a rigorous talent pool selection process. When vacancies are confirmed, candidates in the pool are invited to apply. Current principals and assistant principals are automatically considered candidates of their respective talent pool and are eligible for open positions. Candidates are permitted to apply to talent pools once each academic year.

LEAP is supported through a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation.

About WS/FCS


Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will engage all students in high-quality, relevant learning experiences so they will graduate with interpersonal, academic, and workforce skills to compete globally and contribute to society.


Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will be the best place to learn and work through excellence, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

Equity Actions

Hiring processes for the leadership pipeline are aligned with WS/FCS Equity Actions to promote the selection and retention of equity-centered leaders. School leaders with a record of improving student outcomes have priority placement to lead the most underserved student populations. For more information on our Equity Actions/Equity Driven Leadership Framework, click here.

Core Values

1. Student Centered — We focus on the needs of every child.

2. Accountability — We take responsibility for and reflect on our impact on student outcomes.

3. Collaboration — We work together to support each other’s efforts to meet every student’s needs.

4. Equity — We honor diversity by addressing barriers to success for every student.

5. High Expectations — We challenge ourselves to inspire every student’s pursuit of greatness.

6. Integrity — We align our actions, beliefs, and values to support every student.

Contact Us

Nora Baker, Director of Leadership Development

(336) 727-2033 ext.70432