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    The Social Emotional Academic Learning (SEAL) Department is housed under the Safe & Drug Free Schools (SADFS) Program. Our team provides social emotional learning (SEL) expertise and social emotional learning (SEL) academic integration to educators, students, families and partners with consultation, coaching, professional development, and continuous improvement.


    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, in collaboration with families and community partners, creates a safe, nurturing climate and culture which maximizes students' academic performance. Our culture and climate promote social and emotional well-being through caring relationships among children and adults and throughout life.

    Theory of Change

    If staff, families and community partners collaborate to 1) build relationships and 2) provide effective SEL instruction, strategies and support to strengthen social-emotional competencies, then students will thrive academically.

    What We Do

    The SEAL Team provides a universal approach to social emotional learning and development in the following areas: Explicit SEL Curriculum and Instruction, Academic Integration of SEL, Climate & Culture, and Service Delivery. We are committed to using SEL data and continuous improvement cycles to support schools as they infuse SEL in their school improvement plans and daily practices.  

    SEL Consultation & Coaching

      • SEL District wide and School wide programming implementation and continuous improvement
      • SEL Teaming and Planning
      • SEL District, School, and Community Measures and Assessments
      • SEL Academic Integration
      • SEL Curriculum Support
      • SEL External Partnerships and Stakeholder Connections

    Professional Development

      • SEL Skills & Development (for students, adults, and families)
      • SEL Best Practices
      • SEL & Academic Infusion
      • SEL within MTSS framework
      • SEL & Sense of Belonging
      • SEL & Bullying Prevention
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    Safe and Drug Free Schools
    P.O. Box 2513 
    Winston-Salem, NC 27102
    SEAL Evidence-Based Partners
    The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning
    The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning
    Panorama Education
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