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We are so excited that you have stopped by to learn more about Career Center High School.

Please scroll down for information prepared and presented by our fantastic teachers. You can also learn more by reading the feature article in the January issue of Forsyth Family magazine, or you can listen to our informative podcast. 

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What our students say...


"Going to Career Center was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The relationships I created with students from other schools and the amazing teachers were so influential towards my personal development and really expanded my worldview."

M. Alford, 2014


"My AP teachers [at Career Center] are boasting scores 20-30% higher than the international averages, meaning that the overwhelming majority of the classes I took were nearly guaranteed college credit with a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam. It would be silly of me NOT to go to the Career Center with such high numbers."

T. Simpson, 2021


"The Career Center has such a great, professional atmosphere that the teachers promote and students embrace because every student is there because they chose to be there. It is an environment that was very helpful for me, both academically and socially...I would attribute most of my growth during my high school years to this."

C. Groce, 2018


"Career Center gave me a unique experience...I was able to get hands-on experience in the Automotive program. This experience taught me skills I have been able to use since graduation-both how to connect with people in a professional work setting, as well as the technical skill of servicing the vehicles that I drive."

J. Shields, 2016

Course Offerings 2022-2023

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Promotional Material 

Feature in Forsyth Family Magazine

The January 2021 issue of Forsyth Family magazine featured Career Center in a wonderful article titled "WS/FCS’s Career Center Provides Students a Transitional Experience to College, Career, and Adult Responsibilities."


Career Center was also featured in an outstanding podcast in which Dr. Martinez and current Teacher of the Year, Evan Moore, shared more information about Career Center. The podcast can be heard here for Apple users or here for Spotify listeners. We hope you enjoy the article and podcast!

Magazine Article
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October 2021 Town Hall

November 2021 Town Hall

View the presentation video below featuring Social Studies (@1:25), Carpentry & Construction (@10:20), World Languages (@17:54), Cosmetology (@22:00), and Health Sciences (@27:15)

View the presentation video below featuring Aviation (@1:18), English (@5:20), Early Childhood Education (@13:08), Math (@19:12), and Digital Media (@24:52)


    As always, we're here if you have any questions, so don't hesitate to reach out via email or call us at 336-727-8181.