• Cash Elementary offers a variety of activities and clubs for our students after school. We love to have parents support us in these activities for our students. Please reach out to the club sponsor for more information about support. 

    • Students, your participation in clubs can hone your communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach you how to work effectively with other people. Your extracurricular involvement is one of the many ways you can gain insights into your own personality and things you really enjoy doing.  As you gain more experience in your extracurricular activities, you can take on increasing amounts of responsibility and assume leadership positions. Becoming a club president, team captain, or other leader provides a great way to stand out -and, more importantly, taking on additional responsibility helps you cultivate your people skills. 
    • In addition to clubs, Cash Elementary offers a variety of ways families can get involved together. Be sure to enter our annual Gingerbread Contest and Veggie Derby!
    • For parents needing afterschool care, please check out the link for the YMCA program that meets right here at Cash!



Last Modified on October 20, 2023