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    (Formerly Ms. Marshall) 
    {Check out these precious ones from Kitende Modern Primary School in Uganda during my time there in 2013-2014} 
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    My Background:
    I am a 1997 graduate of West Forsyth High School. Go Titans!!! I received both my BS in Mathematics(2001) and my Master of Arts in Teaching(2002) from UNC-Chapel Hill. Feel free to contact me at my NEW EMAIL: dmrobertson@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
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     Tips for continuing Success in Mathematics:

    1)      Take notes in class and ask questions when you do not understand a concept.


    2)      Do your homework on the night we have class!


    3)      If you miss class, show Mrs. Robertson the homework you did for credit. Don’t wait for her to ask for it.


    4)      If you missed class and missed a test, make it up in a prompt manner. (See the student handbook.) You will no longer be able to take Test/Quizzes two weeks after the assigned date!!!!! You will receive a ZERO for test/quiz not made up in timely fashion.


    5)      Have you made up your Test/Quiz that you missed?


    6)      Check Parent Assist for missing assignments and to know your average.


    7)      Take responsibility of your learning, come to tutoring.


    8)      Bring a friend to tutoring. (One that also has Mrs. Robertson.)


    9)      If you are failing or making a D, then you should be in tutoring.


    10)    Study the material on the day that we don’t have class.


    11)    Don’t ask to go to the bathroom every day. You are probably missing important material.


    12)    Come to school regularly.


    13)    Don’t ask “Is there extra credit that we can do to help our grade?” STUDY!!!!!!!!!


    14)    Read the calendar. Know the homework assignment.


    15)    Listen in class. Don’t expect Mrs. Robertson to repeat it. Listen the first time.


    *These are listed in no particular order. You may also decide you need to add to this list.

    ...Honors Math III and Discrete Math will challenge you, strengthen your mathematics base, and propel you to the next level.
    My Schedule:
    A Day                       B Day 
    1st period:         Discrete Math Block                      
    2nd period: Honors Math III        Honors Math III        
    3rd period:                     planning                            
    4th period: Honors Math III         Honors Math III       
     West Forsyth Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all students to reach their optimum potential in an ever-changing, highly technical, global society. 
    (Nuestra mision es proveer una oportunidad para todos los estudiantes para qn u a ue alcancen su potencial optimo en sociedad constantemente cambiante y sumamente tecnica.)