• The Tardy and Attendance Policy will be fully re-implemented during the 2023-2024 school year. It is important for students, staff, and parents to familiarize themselves with this policy in order to remain in good attendance and academic standing. 


    Tardy Policy: 

    A tardy is defined as arrival to class or school after the tardy bell rings

    Students are expected to be in all classes on time each day. When the tardy bell rings, all teachers will close and lock their door. A student who arrives late or leaves early without a valid note or bus pass will be given an unexcused tardy. (Valid note=Signed with date and time by teacher, administrator, or support staff) 

    Classroom Tardies


    1st Offense

    Warning  Level 1 Intervention (Teacher/Staff)

    2nd Offense

    Warning  Level 1 Intervention (Teacher/Staff)

    3rd Offense

    Parent Contact  Level 1 Intervention (Teacher/Staff)

    4th Offense 

    Discipline Referral 

    Level 2 Consequence: Period ISS (Administrator)

    **5th Offense** 

    (Equals one Absence for the class) 

    Discipline Referral 

    Level 2 Consequence: ISS Full Day & Attendance Contract (Administrator)

    1st Period Tardies Require an In-Person Conference with Student, Parent, and Administration 

    **Extended ISS until In-Person Parent Conference**

    **Continued unexcused tardies will be considered insubordination and the Code of Character, Conduct, and Support/AR-5131 will be referred to (Level 3 Consequence )**


    If in a school year, if you are late every day by…

    5 minutes 

    10 minutes

    15 minutes 

    20 minutes

    30 minutes

    You would have lost approximately …

    3.5 Days from School

    7 Days from School

    10 Days from School

    14.5 Days from School

    22 Days from School

    Or you would have missed approximately…

    18 Lessons

    35 Lessons

    50 Lessons

    73 Lessons 

    110 Lessons

    Attendance Policy: 

    If a student exceeds 5 UNEXCUSED absences in a QUARTER (including any unexcused absences due to unexcused tardies), then he/she has violated the Glenn High School Attendance Policy and may receive an FF/50 for his/her quarter average in each course where he/she violated the policy. Students will be offered the opportunity to make up time (outside of class time) for each unexcused absence over 5 in order to receive their earned grade for the quarter. It is the responsibility of students to make up work when they are absent. Students have five days to make up tests and quizzes.

    If a student misses 50% of an individual class period, they shall be considered absent. If a student misses 50% of the day, they shall be considered absent for the entire day. These include both excused and unexcused absences. 


    Attendance Notes: 

    Students are expected to attend all of their classes each day. When a student has to be absent, it is expected he/she will bring a note for that absence within 3 days of his/her return. Students who do not submit an acceptable note within 3 days of their return from an absence will have their absence coded as UNEXCUSED. An official note from a doctor, dentist, court appointment, etc. is preferred; however, a parent/guardian note is accepted for an illness not requiring a doctor’s visit. No more than 10 absences documented by a parent note in one semester will be accepted as excused absences. 


    The parent/guardian’s note concerning the absence(s) must include the following:

    The current date

    The date(s) of absence(s)

    The specific reason for absence(s)

    The student’s ID number

    A parent/guardian signature

    A telephone number where parent/guardian may be contacted


    Excused Absences are classified as follows:

    (In accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, the following conditions shall constitute valid reasons for excused absences)

    Excused Absence

    Required Documentation 

    (Following the Parent/Guardian note guidelines)

    Illness or Injury

    Parent/Guardian or Doctor’s Note

    Death in immediate family

    Obituary with Parent/Guardian Note

    Medical or Dental Appointments

    Official Documentation from Doctor/Dentist office

    Court or Administrative Proceedings

    Official Documentation 

    Religious Observances

    Parent/Guardian Note (see student handbook for more details)

    Educational Opportunity

    Official Documentation with Prior Approval (see student handbook for more details)