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    East Forsyth High School Student Attendance Policy

    There is no substitute for uninterrupted personal contact between teachers and students in the classroom environment where learning experiences are carefully planned by the teachers. Even though students may make up class work missed because of absences, they may never be able to replace the educational, cultural and social contacts which they would have experienced through face-to-face instruction and class participation.  Students with good attendance generally achieve higher levels of learning than those with poor attendance. 

    The East Forsyth High School community recognizes, however, that students miss school because of illnesses and other excused reasons.  Students should follow defined procedures for bringing notes to excuse their absences.  Students are required to collaborate with their teachers on making up missed assignments after returning to school from an absence in a timely manner.

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    If in a school year, if you are late every day by…

    5 minutes 

    10 minutes

    15 minutes 

    20 minutes

    30 minutes

    You would have lost approximately …

    3.5 Days from School

    7 Days from School

    10 Days from School

    14.5 Days from School

    22 Days from School

    Or you would have missed approximately…

    18 Lessons

    35 Lessons

    50 Lessons

    73 Lessons 

    110 Lessons


    Attendance Matters!

    WSFCS Every Minute Matters Graphic