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    Welcome to Mrs. Martha Musser's classes

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    Rules for a Successful School Year
    If you choose to be disrespectful or irresponsible, you accept the consequences. The rule is...RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates. Do what you need to do when you need to do it!


    • 1. Warning
    • 2. Writing Statement
    • 3. Lunch detention
    • 4. Parent contact/ before-or after school detention with Mrs. Musser
    • 5. Administrative referral


    Bring your classroom materials everyday.

    Do your homework, keep graded work, stay organized.


    Complete assignments and place them in the basket everyday.

    10% of each assignment is based on turning work in on time.

    Work that is more than 5 days late will be worth only 50%.


     Learning involves participation with classmates—you receive participation points.

    Group assignments may not be made up and you will take a zero if your absence is unexcused.

    Testing dates are on the syllabus - you are expected to take a test regardless of absences.

     You are responsible for obtaining make-up work from team folder and scheduling exams

    missed due to an excused absence.

    Missed work due to an excused absence must be submitted within 5 days.


    Tardies—It’s just plain rude! Be on time or accept the consequences.