• Name: Mr. Jared Eure
    Subject: Exceptional Children
    Contact info: jeure@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
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    Mr. Eure

    Senior & English

    Welcome to English IV.  This course is based on the North Carolina Course of Study.  You will build on the skills you have learned in your previous English classes.  English IV includes a chronological study of British Literature, beginning with Anglo-Saxon literature and continuing into the 21st Century.  You will read poetry, plays, short stories, essays, and novels.  Grammar study and vocabulary study will be ongoing.  Most of your writing will be based on the literature that we are studying; however, you will also write college application essays, and you will create a resume and several business letters.  Teacher-made exams will be given at the end of both semesters.


    What will I need?

    1. Loose leaf notebook paper- All English assignments must be turned in on loose leaf paper.
    2. A spiral notebook- This notebook will be used for your English IV notes only and may be taken up and checked during the year.  Make sure you bring this notebook to class every day.
    3. Pencil and Pen (Dark blue or Black ink) - Bring these every day.
    4. A good College Level Dictionary to use at home.


    How to be successful in English IV?

    1. Come to class every day.  Bring all your materials, and be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.  Have your homework on your desk.
    2. Homework must be neat, complete, and on time.  It is an English Department policy that late homework will not be accepted.
    3. If you have to be absent, arrange to make up work, test, or quizzes within two days.  See me before 1st period or after school.

    Class Rules:

    1. Show respect by raising your hand to speak.
    2. Bring NO food or drinks to class other than bottled water.
    3. Show respect and you will get respect.

    Course Content:

    -Our literature/writing units will include the following literary eras:


    Middle Ages/Medieval


    Restoration & Eighteenth Century



    Twentieth & Twenty-First Centuries


    Progress reports will be given and emailed every three weeks.  Grades will be recorded as follows:

    Quizzes and Short Writing Assignments:  Single Weight

    Test and Longer Writing Assignments:  Double or Triple Weight

    A Participation grade will be given every three weeks.

    You should do your best on all work in English IV.  The teacher will determine the weight of each assignment.

    Grading Scale:

    100-93   A

    92-85   B

    84-77   C

    76-70   D

    Below 70 F