Name: Jeff Thompson
    Subject: World History
    Coach: Head Boys XC/Track and Field Coach

    Classroom Expectations
    • Come prepared everyday for class. 
    • Follow the Golden Rule
    • Be open minded
    • No one dominates and everyone participates
    Grading Policy

    Grading Procedures: We will use a total points system to calculate grades.

                Points will be awarded as follows:        
    • Quizzes/homework -    5 to 15 points
    • Class work -                      5 to 15 points
    • Tests -                                 20 to 40 points
    • Other assignments -      5 to 25 points
    Parents/Guardians Please Read: Students should return to school after an absence with a note from their parent/guardian that contains the following information. These notes are kept on file for legal attendance purpose.
    Printed full legal name of student and student number.
    • Printed and signed name of parent/guardian
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence

    One very important part of the policy concerns the loss of course credit for absences.  Any Student who misses more than five (5) days (excused or unexcused) per quarter, ten (10) days per semester, or twenty (20) day per year may receive a failing grade for the grading period if the correct documentation is not submitted.