• Parents can use this link to sign up for Remind messages about transportation. We will send out sub bus information in the mornings and let you know when buses leave our campus in the afternoon. If you wish to opt-out, just remove yourself from the class. Thank you. 


    Bus Transportation FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation…

    1) How do I get a bus stop?

    · Stop Requests are initiated by your child’s school, and they will enter your request. If you need a residential stop, that is noted in the Transportation field of PowerSchool. If you need an alternate stop, it is entered in the EveryInfo program – it is important to understand that the school initiates this process and Transportation services each request.

    2) Where is my bus stop?

    · By the time of Open House, the school will have access to print a “Boarding Pass” for all students assigned to a bus stop. This form contains the AM & PM stop location, the AM & PM stop time and the AM & PM bus numbers (the bus numbers may not always be the same). Additionally, you can go to the Transportation Page of our school district’s website and enter the child’s last name and student number (see this link: http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/50785) to look up Stop Information.

    3) How can I change my bus stop?

    · Appeals of your current bus stop are initiated by your child’s school. The school will enter an appeal on the parent’s behalf. At the beginning of the year, Transportation is focused on ensuring all students have a bus stop. Appeals are generally not reviewed until late September and usually take a few weeks to review. Even if a parent says the stop is unsafe, transportation still has to investigate the location.

    · Please familiarize yourself with our Routing Policy 3541

    a. Buses are routed to pass within ½ mile of a student’s residence

    b. Bus stops cannot be closer than 2/10 of a mile apart due to insufficient visibility by other motorists of the bus stopping

    c. Buses are not routed onto side roads unless (10) or more students are riding from within the neighborhood attending the same school

    d. Parents/guardians or a student who is either at least in 4th grade or 10 years old MUST escort students in kindergarten through 1st grade. Each of these students must have a yellow tag on their book bag. An escort ensures the student is safely escorted to and from the bus stop. Students who are not met by a parent/guardian or escorted by a valid student escort will be taken to the nearest school after the student’s bus stop.

    4) What time is the bus coming?

    · The “Boarding Pass” your child receives will have a morning “Approx. Time” and it also says (+10/-10 minutes). This means the bus stops within a range window of 10 minutes before until 10 minutes after the time listed on the Boarding Pass.

    · In the afternoon “Approx. Time” and it also says (+20 minutes). This means that the bus may come at the time listed or up to 20 minutes later.

    · The purpose of the range times is due to delays in students boarding the bus, traffic congestions and occasional mechanical issues.

    5) Why is the bus late?

    · The first 2-3 weeks of school we expect bus delays. Both students and drivers are learning stops and getting to know one another. This is why it is so important to have your child waiting at the bus stop when the bus makes the stop. If we have to wait 30 seconds longer for each child to get to the stop, we’re 15 minutes late arriving to school in the morning.

    6) When am I going to get a new stop?

    · Students who enroll after the cut-off of July 26th will be assigned to an existing stop. To allow time for drivers to learn stops and parents to anticipate a consistent arrival times – we do not add new stops until after September 9th. After September 9th, we process new requests on a first come – first served basis.

    · The cut-off for requesting a bus stop is usually one month before school starts to allow plenty of time to assign stops, create routes and make information available for schools to mail for open house. The WSFCS is routing nearly 30,000 students and our routing model is highly complex.

    7) Why was I assigned a different stop this year than the one I had last year? Can I ask the driver to stop at last year’s stop?

    · Stops are assigned by Transportation based on a number of factors including the geographic layout of each student’s home address. So a stop that might have been assigned last year may not be assigned this year.

    · Neither the drivers nor the schools may authorize a stop that is not on the driver’s run sheet. Any changes or additions to the run sheet must come from Transportation. Parents may request changes as outlined above.

    8) How can I see when the bus is close?

    · You can download the “Here Comes the Bus” app on your smart phone to inform you on when your child’s AM or PM bus is close. You must know their student number/lunch number and the district code which is ‘74254’. This is a great resource to use to see the bus in real-time. Note, if the bus has a sub or is assigned to cover another bus that day, the application might not work correctly.

    Thank you for your support and patience as we work to meet the needs of all our students.