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    (scroll further down THIS page to find homework assignments)
    Contact information for the General Assembly and School Board is located in Civics Classroom documents
    (addresses for elected representatives).

    The state of NC has designed Civics and Economics to teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and effective citizens. 
    Beginning in January 2014, the students will take a North Carolina Final Exam created by the NC Department of Instruction.  
    The exam will include 40+ multiple choice questions and 1-2 "constructed response" questions.  Students will respond with specific,
    written answers to the constructed response questions.  Central Office (WSFCS) will grade the multiple choice and the NC Department
    of Public Instruction/Pearson Company will grade the constructed response (written) answer.  The grade will count as 20% of the final course grade.  
    This course is required for graduation.  Students must pass the course to receive credit for graduation.  
    AP Human Geography:
    This course is a college level course.  Students will learn how humans have affected and are affected by their
    physical geography.  Tests are college level multiple choice and short answer in the form of an FRQ (free response question).
    Students will take the AP exam in early May and may receive college credit if their scores are
    acceptable to their colleges and the college accepts the credit. 
    Favorite Quotes      
    "The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen."
    Louis Brandeis,  Supreme Court Justice
    "Democracy is not something you have; it's something you do."  Doris Haddock, Granny D
    "Next in importance to Freedom and Justice is Education, without which neither Freedom nor
    Justice can be permanently maintained."   President James Garfield
    "Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote ... that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for
    which he is accountable to God and his country." --Samuel Adams (1781)

    tutoring for this week:  check with me, please  

    Every Thursday morning I have additional duties and cannot tutor after 8:10 am.

    23 May - 9 June 2016
     Assignments are typed on the DAY THEY ARE DUE!!!  BE CAREFUL!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
    2nd period Civics  assignments are typed on the day they are due. 
    Thank you for a great Clemmons Community Day
    We registered/changed addresses for 21 voters. Yeah... 
    Mon -
    Tues -  -
    Wed - 
    Thurs - Essay + rubric+TurnItIn + 2nd outline
    Fri - 1st and 3rd periods
    Mon (30 May) Remember those who fought for our country and our rights
    Tues (31 May) - 2 and 4 exams (review day, be here)
    Wed (1 June ) -  2 and 4 exams (SANDWICH day and review, be here)
    Thurs (2 June) - 1 and 3 exams
    Fri (3 June) regular schedule - review day, be here
    Mon (6 June) - 1st exam + 3 review
    Tues (7 June) - 3rd exam + 2 review, be here
    Wed (8 June) - 2nd exam + 4 review
    Thurs (9 June) - 4 exam 
    long term assignments:
    Thurs, May 26 - NEW DATE: final essay, Rubric, 2nd outline, Turn It In
    Exam -  Wed. June 8th
    3rd period Civics assignments are typed on the day they are due.
    Mon. - Everfi must be completed by today
    Tues - 
    Wed - 
    Thurs - complete Everfi for major grade minus 10 points, late
    Mon (30 May) Remember those who fought for our country and our rights
    Tues (31 May) - 2 and 4 exams 
    Wed (1 June ) -  2 and 4 exams 
    Thurs (2 June) - 1 and 3 exams (review day, be here)
    Fri (3 June) regular schedule - review day, be here
    Mon (6 June) - 1st exam + 3 review (be here!)
    Tues (7 June) - 3rd exam (in 704) + 2 review,
    Wed (8 June) - 2nd exam + 4 review
    Thurs (9 June) - 4 exam 

     scroll to the bottom of this webpage to see information about voting and deadlines...
    consider Boys State (for male students) and Girls State (for female students)
    West students have enjoyed the summer program and highly recommend it.
    See your Guidance counselor or Ms. Russ
     interested in politics?  want to help in elections?  want to add a unique and powerful activity to your resume? 
    Send Ms. Russ an email to get information about volunteering to help candidates prepare for the Nov 8th general election.
    page for Representative Lambeth in the NC General Assembly beginning in January?  GET THE ADDRESS NOW
    ask Ms. Russ

    4th  period   AP Human Geography
    to find FRQ samples/rubrics, etc. go to AP Central, then to Human Geography, then to exam information
    Due on:
    ***DO YOUR OWN WORK for each assignment                                                                                                                         
         *DO YOUR OWN WORK for each assignment 
    A Day                                                   B Day
    Tues 17 - board games                     Wed 18 - Rabbit Fence
    Thurs 19 - Invictus                           Fri 20 - Star Power
    Mon 23 - Pirate Day                        Tues 24 - guest speaker (OB), practice for exam
    Wed 25 - Awards Day                     Thurs 26 - Pirate Day
    June                                                   May 31, Tues, EXAM
    Wed 1 - EXAM
    Fri 3 - tbd   
    Thurs 9 - meet in room 801             Wed 8 - tbd
    Fri 10 - Make up exam day           Thurs 9 - tbd and Fri 10 - Make up exam day
    2nd semester project due dates (4 articles + 6 vocab terms and application sentences for each =
            total of 24 vocab + application sentences)     VERY IMPORTANT:  MUST SUBMIT LATE projects by
                                                        next class after the due date                                                                                
     PROJECT DUE DATE: 20/21 April, FINAL DEADLINE                                                              
    Voter registration forms are located in the main office, the Media Center and with all 12th grade English teachers OR
    the website to download the form is http://www.co.forsyth.nc.us/elections/
    Ms. Russ has vote registration forms in her room, 704. Senior English teachers have voter registration forms also.
    Primary Election for US House of Rerpresentatives and
    NC Supreme Court Associate Judge
    Tues, June 7th
    Absentee ballots now available
    General election day - Tues, Nov 8, 2016
    Forsyth County Board of Elections
    201 N Chestnut St
    Winston-Salem, NC  27101