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    Assignment and Grading Guidelines

    •  A syllabus will be posted on my website on a regular basis. It will include daily topics, assignments, projects and test dates. Changes will be announced in class, and revisions are likely.
    • Students are expected to complete a variety of assignments: homework (which may be reading to remember, taking notes, or research); quizzes (both announced and unannounced), projects (group and individual); research papers; web searches and presentations; and outside reading.
    • Students are ALWAYS expected to do their own work; unless specifically told that they may work together.
    • Grading: Each assignment is given a number of points. At the end of each quarter points are totaled, and the ratio of TPE (total points earned) to TPP (Total points possible) determine the grade for the quarter.
    • Students are encouraged to turn in assignments on time.  Because assignments are created to support and extend learning, I accept late work for partial credit in many but not all cases.  I reserve the right to limit and deny acceptance of late assignments.
    • Grades are posted regularly on Parent Assistant.  For further information and directions on access, please visit the West Forstyh Website and select Parent Assistant Module from the left side of the webpage.  
    • Extra credit is rare, and challenging, at the discretion of the teacher. Your focus should be on completing the work assigned in a timely fashion.











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    Academic Misconduct

    Students are expected to work independently on all assignments.  Parents may assist by asking questions and guiding the student, but they should not write, or create the student's work.  Students may discuss homework assignments with other students and parents, however all work turned in should be the student's own work. Copying from sources (other students, books or the internet) without giving credit in bibliographic format is also considered academic misconduct. Sometimes, even rewording is inappropriate. In general, I consider 4 words in the same order as a source as copying.

    Classroom Policies

    Assignments should be on time, and complete. Any overnight (or longer) assignment should be typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font.  In class hand written assignments should be legible, in blue or black ink.

    Any work handed in should be legible, grammatically correct and contain no misspellings, no typographical errors or other mistakes. 

    Students are expected to participate in classroom activities such as group projects, paired work, group work and discussion in an appropriate manner.  Dozing (also known as sleeping) will result in a zero for the day.  Working on other assignments in class, other activities, and distracting others from their work will also result in a zero.  Students are ALWAYS expected to do their own work; unless specifically told that they may work together.  The penalty for academic misconduct can be as much as 3 days out of school suspension

    Students should not eat, drink or chew gum during class.  Behavior should be courteous, respectful and tolerant.  Some behaviors are appropriate in some situations but not others.  Additionally, some behaviors that may be tolerated at home or in public may not be appropriate in my classroom.  Inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated and will be punished.

    Computer Access

    Occasionally, there will be assignments requiring access to computers for either word processing, spreadsheet or internet access.  Students who do not have access will be expected to find access on their own time.  The West Forsyth library and Winston-Salem Public library both offer free web access and the Public library allows some printing free of charge.

    Make up/Late Work

    Upon returning to school, students should bring a written note from parent or guardian explaining the absence, which is delivered to the first period teacher. Students and parents should check the syllabus for class and homework activities.

    Students should make arrangements to meet with the teacher before or after school within 2 days to makeup missed activities.  Tests must be made up within 5 days of the absence.  I do not hand out makeup work during class.

    Generally, I am available before and after school.  Please let me know that you are coming and what you would like to work on at least 24 hours in advance, so that I may make sure I am available to help you.

    All overnight work should be turned in at the beginning of the period.  Any late work should be labeled with a note explaining the reason for lateness.  In general, there is no excuse for late work except an excused absence.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the teacher.