• Ms. Stanford

    Courses Taught:
    Advanced Placement World History (1st Period)
    Advanced Placement Human Geography (2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th  periods)

    Contact info:
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    Create Good Academic Karma!

    In every belief system, it is universally agreed that good begets good, while evil begets evil. 

    What energy you put into the class is what energy you will get out of the class.  This goes for me, as your teacher, and you as the scholar. 

    Let’s make this our overall goal towards success:

    Respect, Active Listening, Active Comprehension, Question, Evaluate, Redefine out Skill Set, Make Mistakes, Learn from Them.

    Take one day at a time, one assignment/evaluation at a time, and one quarter/semester at a time.

    Please check Class News Pages and Documents while out with weather. 
    Welcome to my website and a great 2015!!!!! This site will allow us to communicate course assignments and items the students will need to succeed in my classes.
    The Course Assignments and Due Dates page provides access to activities, downloadable materials, reading assignments (syllabus), and directions for completing activities if absent.
    In some activities we will use technology and I strongly suggest using the Course Assignments and Due Dates tab/page.  I keep items on there for students to download including reading schedule and electronic copies of power points, lectures, and activities.

    2016 is Here!  

    Open House: Get to Know What We Offer!  January 28th from 6-8 pm

    Here at the Career Center Human Geography and/or World History students can work tutoring with me in the morning break, lunch period, or after school. Once every two weeks, I will post the designated day.  Students earn points back on assignments for participating!
    Hey, many of you are asking how to access Webportal.  Well, here is a document that will help you through the process.
    Click Here: Webportal Know-How 
    Conflicts around the world have a geographical force/influence.  Geographical forces are cultural, political, environmental, and economical.   We will explore these throughout the year.
    I encourage you to use the following two websites in researching the World's Hot Spots:
    Visit the History Opportunities page or contact me about next year's course selections.
    Career Center offer the following history and psychology courses:
    A.P. European History, A.P. World History, A.P. United States History, A.P. Human Geography, A.P. U.S. and Comparative Government, A.P. Macro and Micro Economics, A.P. Psychology, American History 1, American History 2, World Humanities, and 21st Century Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.