• Nathan Newsome
    ISS/ALC Teacher

    Welcome to Mr. Newsome's Home Page

    Welcome to my home page!  I teach Intermediate Art (2) and Proficient/Advanced Art 3/4 in room 905. I am also the Girl's Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Coach.

    About me.This is my 21st year teaching. I have four children (3 girls and 1 boy). My wife Amy also teaches at West in the Family and Consumer Science department so say "Hi" when you see her. I graduated from West Forsyth in 1989. I attended East Carolina University for undergrad and Gardner-Webb for my master's. I am very proud of West Forsyth and all the people and students associated with it. I truly love working here and look forward to each day.

    Intermediate Art (Art 2) Proficient/Advanced Art (Art 3/4)

     We will explore and create Artwork of various types and use a variety of media as the year progresses.  More emphasis is placed on quality of work in regards to grades.

    Needed Materials


    1.     An approx. 12x9 spiral bound sketchbook

    2.     3 Extra fine tip black Sharpie pens (permanent ink)+ 1 thicker tip(for large areas)

    3.     Hand help pencil sharpener

    4.     Eraser (pink pearl or white vinyl/magic rub etc..)

    5.     Regular # 2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL)

    6.     Any other drawing pencils your choice (darker is good 3b-8b)

    7.     A set of nylon assorted small to very small paint brushes

    8.     A set of watercolors(cakes not tubes ex. 8 oval)

    9.     Canvas(pre-stretched)  Size TBA( I will inform students when they are needed)

    10.                         Ruler

    11.                        Colored pencils (at least an 8 color set)

    12.                        Markers (assorted colors fine and extra fine tip)

          13.             A set of Paint Brushes(smaller sizes with a variety of tips)


    As any other items are needed I will inform students well ahead of time.