• Name: Rhonda Y. Morgan
    Subject: Foreign Language

    French I provides the opportunity for students to learn the basics of French. For the first semester we will focus on conjugating verbs in the present tense, matching nouns and adjectives, and sentence structure. Students will learn a lot of vocabulary so it is imperative that they study every night. Assessments may be given on any day of the week. These are announced. IF you are absent and would like to know what you missed, please check the website. In French I students will experience speaking, writing, reading, and listening to the language. During the first semester will we cover chapters 1-4. The midterm will cover chapters 1-5. Duirng second semester we will cover chapters 6-10. The final exam will focus on chapters 5-8 or 9.
     French II uses a sequential book from the same text book company. This course builds on what was learned in French I. Students who struggled in French I will need to spend their time reviewing what was taught last year. This year we will learn more verb tenses and create more complex sentences. Again we will focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Chapters 1-4 will be the focus of the first two quarters and chapters 5- 8 or 9 will be the focus of the last two quarters. Assessment dates are listed on the board. If you are absent and need to know what you missed, please check the website.
     French III  uses a sequential book from the same text book company. Students will learn several more verb tenses and be able to elaborate more on familiar topics.  Chapters 1-4 will be the first semester and 5-7 or 8 will be second semester.  Assessment dates will be on the board. If you are absent check the website.
    French IV does not use a sequentail book.  We will focus on getting ready for college placement tests. We will use a variety of different books, videos, CDs, and conversations. Test and quiz dates will be on the board. Check the website if you are absent.
     My grades are based on a point system; not on percentage. Tutoring is usually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. Afternoon tutoring will be upon request and availability.
    If you are absent make sure you have work that is due ready for the next class. Also, be prepared to take any tests or quizzes you missed.
    Remember to always put your work (even make-up work) in the box. Do not hand it to me or put it on my desk. The safest destination is the box labeled for your class 


    My name is Rhonda Morgan and I have been teaching in the WSFCSD for 29 years. During this time I have taught French and Spanish.

    For some students learning a new language can be intimidating. to be successful you need to realize you are going to make mistakes. The goal is the learn from the mistakes. Usually the studetns who are the most successful and the ones who are willing to participate-even when they are unsure.

    You need to learn; not just memorize material to take a test.

    If you need to contact me the easiest way is to email me. My email address is rmorgan@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.

    Remember to bring your book, notebook, pen, pencil, paper, notebook, and a positive attitude to class everyday

    It is better if you let me know you are coming to tutoring. There are meetings I am required to attend so I may not be in my room. Feel free to stop by any morning or afternoon if you have questions.  If you have an appointment scheduled and cannot attend, let me know (email).  Come prepared with questions.

    I look forward to a great year together!