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    AP Summer Assignment - Look on the school website. It is specific for students taking AP Lang at West only! 





    Advanced Placement Language and Composition 

    Shakespeare 101 & 102 



    Welcome to my website. I am a graduate of Wake Forest University (B.A. & MAEd.) and Lincoln Memorial University (Ed. S.) and also the chairperson for the English Department. Along with this website is information about my teaching assignments for the 2014-2015 school year.  For four A/B periods I will be helping juniors in their study of rhetoric with Advanced Placement Language and Composition classes. I will also teach two A/B block sections of Shakespeare 101 and 102I have the convenience of teaching all classes in the same classroom - 1028. This is located on the top floor of the 1000 Building. I am available for tutoring before and after school. Please make an appointment or stop by my room.
    All of my AP classes and Shakespeare classes will meet on an "A day / B day" schedule. That means I will see students every two days throughout the entire school year.

    Possible Book List for AP Language and Composition
    Summer Reading (required)
    Scarlet Letter
     The Crucible
     Nonfiction title to be determined by Fall Break
     Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
     Nonfiction title to be determined by Winter Break 
     Of Mice and Men
     The Great Gatsby 
     Nonfiction title to be determined by Spring Break
     Fahrenheit 451 
     Final Work of Literature in preparation for AP Lit 


    Possible Play List for Shakespeare
    Romeo and Juliet
    A MidSummer Night's Dream
    Julius Caesar
    Henry V
    Merchant of Venice
    Much Ado About Nothing
    Twelfth Night
    Taming of the Shrew
    King Lear
    The Tempest
    Richard III
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