• Name: Ms. Hester
    Subject: Visual Art
    Contact info: thester@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Beginning Art - Level I

    Beginning Art is designed to reinforce and build on knowledge and skills developed at the elementary and middle school levels. It is the foundation level for art study throughout high school. The course is primarily devoted to deliberate and systematic presentations of various art processes, procedures, theories and historical developments. Students will have experiences in producing two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks. The course emphasizes the study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism, art history and safety in the art room. The approach to art experiences during this time is experimental in terms of materials. Students are provided a strong foundation in design, drawing and vocabulary in a teacher-structured environment. Problem solving and decision making are emphasized throughout Beginning Art.

    Intermediate Art - Level II

    Intermediate Art builds on the student's technical skills and foundation of knowledge developed in Beginning Art. The study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism and art history continues in Intermediate Art in a less teacher-directed environment. Various art processes, procedures and theories are presented in a problem solving manner which allows for independent choices and personal solutions to problems. The approach to art experiences is less experimental and based more on informed choices. Student research of art and artists is a major source for gaining knowledge and understanding of past and present art forms. A greater flexible and fluent vocabulary is stressed in Intermediate Art.
    Proficient Art (Honors) - Level III
    Proficient Art involves more in-depth knowledge of art processes and techniques, aethetic issues, art criticism and art history.  Teachers help students form goals, become familiar with careers and develop work habits of professionals.  Knowledge of the arts in relation to culture, history, other disciplines and careers will be promoted through visual, verbal and written means.  Art history, criticism and aesthetics will be promoted through visual, verbal and written means.  Students will have outside of classroom assignments designed to foster creative and artistic development in Proficient Art. 
    Advanced Art (Honors) - Level IV
    Advanced Art students will develop, clarify and apply their philosophy of art making developed in Proficient Art through in-depth, independent and advanced explorations with media, techniques, processes and aesthetics.  Exceptional initiative, serious involvement and commitment are expectations of the Advanced student.  A portfolio evidencing high quality, a broad based of knowledge and understanding of personal art forms are developed and refined.  Students will have outside of classroom assignments designed to foster creative and artistic development in Advanced Art. 
    60% Art Project/Product
    20% Daily/Studio Time/Participation
    10% Homework
    10% Sketchbook/Vocabulary/Reports/Quizzes/Tests/Art Criticism
    Art Project/Product is the final artwork.  Deadlines will be given according to the specified time needed to complete each art assignment.  Late work will be lowered one letter grade for each day the artwork is late.  Incomplete work will result in a F (I decide whether or not your work is complete).
    Daily/Studio Time is a reflection of your ability to follow directions, art class expectations and use of your time
    wisely.  Cleaning up is a big part of working in the art room.  You will be responsible for cleaning your area.
    Everyone may be asked to help in some way throughout the year.  Refusing or simply waiting until there is no time left in the period will result in after school detention where you will clean the entire room. 

    Homework Assignments will be given on Thursday/Friday and will be due the following Thursday/Friday. depending on A/B day.   Late homework drawing assignments will be accepted one day late and 10 points lower. Make up homework will be accepted for half credit, a specific date will be given. 
    Sketchbooks will be checked periodically.  Tests, Art Criticism and Art History will include all writings, vocabulary and quizzes.  

    Grades will be averaged numerically.
    A    90 - 100
    B    80 - 89
    C    70 - 79
    D    60 - 69
    F     59 and below

    PROGRESS REPORTS will be given out to all students every three weeks.  Dates may vary one day depending on A/B day.  Progress may also be viewed on Parent Portal.

    MATERIALS : Sketchbook (size 11"x 8.5"), art notebook or folder, drawing paper for homework (8 x 11 white lineless paper,computer paper is fine), two #2 wooden pencils, eraser, ballpoint pen, hand held pencil sharpener, set of color pencils, ruler, glue stick, hand held or small table mirror and an ultra fine-point black marker.
    *Students need to bring a pencil, eraser, hand held sharpener, ballpoint pen and sketchbook to class everyday.
    First Unexcused Tardy- Warning
    All Other Unexcused Tardies - 10 minutes after school or before school.  More than 10 minutes late, make up total time missed.  WILL NOT receive extra credit at the end of the quarter! 
    1. Come to class prepared.
    2. Listen and follow directions.
    3. Take care of your materials - don't waste and use materials for their intended purpose.
    4. Clean up duty is for everyone.
    5. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    1. Warning
    2. Discussion/Self Reflection
    3. Parental Contact
    4. Referral to Office
    Take some time for sketching and take those pictures to use next year! 
    HONORS III & IV: Example - Dates TBA for 2016-17
    A Day- 10%   Monday, April 11 or Wednesday, April 13                 
                 20%   Monday, April 25 or Wednesday, April 27           
                 20%   Monday, May 9 or Wednesday, May 11                      
                 50%   Thursday, May 19 or Monday, May 23 - DUE                                           
                 LATE and FINAL DEADLINE Wednesday, May 25 & -10 points lower
    B Day- 10%   Tuesday, April 12 or Thursday, April 14
                 20%   Tuesday, April 26 or Thursday, April 28
                 20%   Tuesday, May 10 or Thursday, May 12
                 50%   Friday, May 20 or Tuesday, May 24 - DUE
                 LATE and FINAL DEADLINE Thursday, May 26 & -10 points lower 
     A Note from the Teacher:
    Always put forth a genuine effort!!
    ART CLUB  
    Congratulations to our newly elected 2016-17 President, Jessica Cunningham and Jackie Hayden, Vice President!  Other officers will be elected in the fall.  Art Club is open to all students enrolled in Art class either at East or Career Center.  Come join us! We meet the second and fourth Monday of each month. 
    First 2016-17 meeting will be in early September, date -TBA  
    Art Work on Exhibit
    Congratulations!! : 2016  Scholastic Visual Art
                  Honorable Mentions: James Bond, Matthew Emick, Sierra Holleman, Allison Posadas, Alexis Tirpak & Ashley Wishneski.
                  Great job!!!!
                  View other winners at www.barton.edu
    2015 -16 PTA Reflection:  Photography- 2nd-Brayla Jones, 5th-Caroline Montgomery, 6th-Janelle Aguilar-Allen, 7th-Ellie Harris &
                                                8th-Yuri Ly.
                                                Photography Honorable Mention -Haley Bowman, George Nicholas Harris, Raigan Edwards, Karina
                                                Visual Art - 2nd-Rachel Hamm, 3rd-Vanessa Elliot, 5th-Michelle Boughman, 6th-Allison Delfina Posadas,
                                                 7th-Sara Hintz, 8th-Aaliyah McIntosh. 
                                                Visual Art Honorable Mention - Christina Caldwell, Moeisha Miles, Jenna Stottler & Ashley Wishneski.  
                                                 Literature - 1st-Holly Stogner, 2nd-Zoey West & 4th-Caroline Montgomery.   Congratulations to all!!
    2015-16 PTA Reflection County Winners:  Photography - Honorable Mention- Brayla Jones  
                                                                          Visual Art - 3rd Place- Rachel Hamm
                                                                           Literature - Tied for 2nd - Holly Stogner & Zoey West 
                                                                          Congratulations !!
    2015 Dixie Classic Fair: Sydney Buro, Ellie Harris, Michelle Norris and Alexis Tirpak,  Congratulations!
    Artwork in the Main Office and Guidance Office Galleries: Ellie Harris, Hannah McCann (2 pieces) and Caroline Montgomery.    
    2016 Spring Extravaganza Exhibit: Located at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts downtown - opening night - March 11, 5:00 - 7:00. Show runs March 11 - 17.  James Bond, Margaret Bray, Sierra Holleman (Best of Show) and Hannah Kaese.      
    Piedmont Federal Savings Bank 2016 Artizens Contest:  Margaret Bray, Matthew Emick, Sierra Holleman and Hailey Reid.       
    Artizens Gala at Milton Rhodes Center of Visual Art, Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Congratulations to all!
    Forsyth Family Magazine:
    * April 2014 Showcased artwork by: Starr Dove, Samantha Gaddy and Zudareon Wallace-Jordan!  Great job! 
    * May 2014  Issue showcased artwork by: John Morgan!  Great job!!
    * July 2014 Congratulations to Meredith Harden! 
    * September 2014  Artwork by Allison Wolfe!  Great job! 
    * October 2014 Artwork of Pumpkins by Jack Stewart.  Awesome!  
    * December 2014  Artwork by Tamir Brown & Hailey Lewis featured!  Congratulations ladies! 
    * February 2015 - Samantha Gaddy featured!  Congrats! 
    * March 2015 - Congratulations John Morgan!  Excellent!! 
    * September 2015 - Showcased artwork by Sydney Warren!  Way to go Sydney!
    * February 2016 - Artwork by Margaret Bray, Sierra Holleman & Ashley Wishneski!  Great job ladies!
    * April 2016 - Congratulations Hannah Kaese!  Forsyth Family Magazine goes to Germany!  (Hannah is a German exchange student      
       visiting for one year!)
    Old Salem 250th Anniversary Contest - Sara Hintz, Nautica Holland & Zoey West!! 
    Earth Day April 12, 2016 Town of Kernersville will celebrate at Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens- Kaitlyn Adams, Sydney Buro, Sara Campbell, Mikayla Crouch, Rachel Hamm, Sierra Holleman, Jessica Howe and Alexis Tirpak.   
    2015 Bookmarks & Art for Art's Sake - Honorable Mention: Hailey Lewis.  She was recognized at an Opening Artist Reception on August 28, 2015 at the Womble Carlyle Gallery at The Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.  Congratulations! 

    Traveling Exhibit: Matthew Emick, Titled- Wheat Field