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      Welcome to my website! Thanks for the giant apple but I'd rather have chocolate!  
    Please check the Calendar page for classwork, homework and test dates. 
    Please visit the Tutoring page if you need to come for tutoring.
    Please visit the Work & Powerpoint page to review a power point or make up class notes.
    About Grades and Parent Portal...

    I post grades at the end of every unit (every 2-3 chapters, about every week and a half).  Most units in Earth Science have a Daily Work average, a quiz or two, sometimes a lab or movie guide, and always a test.  Zoology students can expect to have a lab grade, a participation grade, and a quiz grade most weeks.  We will have 4-5 major tests covering a few animal phyla each.  

    I post test grades AFTER I average the Daily Work grades and post them!  Sometimes that takes me a few days to do.  I apologize for the inconvenience but it gives a better picture of your son/daughter's average.
    I highly recommend Parent Portal and Student Portal - you may get your username and password from the office in person.
    About My Website...
    I have created this website to help you find the resources and information you need to succeed in this class!  I hope you will find it helpful.
    You can expect to find lessons and work, a copy of my syllabus, a class calendar (updated weekly) and documents that can be printed as needs arise.   I will upload power point presentations by topic/chapter as they are completed and provide links to useful websites.  I will provide links to websites that will be used for projects and homework.  I also have a page that displays tutoring times for the month.

    About My Schedule...
    First semester, I teach Honors Earth/Environmental Science (block) periods 2 and 3, and Zoology period 4. 
    Second semester, I teach Regular Earth/Environmental Science (block) periods 2, 3, and 4.
    The best time to contact me directly by school phone is between 8:55 to 10:15.  I am in room 201. 
    About Tutoring...
    Students coming to tutoring should come prepared with questions - having already reviewed the material!  Tutoring is NOT time to learn the material for the first time. 
    Students coming to tutoring should also be well-behaved and attentive in class as I will not reteach material they missed due to disruptive or distracting behavior on their part.
    I am going to post my tutoring hours for the week in the area of my website titled "Tutoring Schedule."  Hours will also be posted on the board.  These hours will change each week as my duties as a teacher and responsibilities toward my family fluctuate.  

    A student desiring tutoring should plan to attend a scheduled session or if that is not possible, schedule a tutoring session with me in advance to assure that I do not have hall duty or a faculty, parent, PLC, guidance, or department meeting!  In general, I am available for tutoring by appointment before school at 8:20 am or after school until 4pm (or later, if necessary).   Again, the student should check with me to be sure I do not have a meeting scheduled.  

    Tutoring buses run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 5 pm. I will attempt to schedule one afternoon a week to accommodate students who take the tutoring bus.

    About Earth/Environmental Science ...

    Earth Science is the study of our planet!  It includes the four major areas:

    Geology - the study of rocks - how they are formed (volcanism, erosion, and deposition, and metamorphism), how they move around (mountain building, plate techtonics, and earthquakes), and how they have been used by people throughout history.

    Meteorology - the study of weather (fronts, tornados, hurricanes) and climate (average weather over time)

    Oceanography - the study of our oceans (the topography of the ocean floor, ocean life zones, and ocean resources)

    Astronomy - the study of Earth's place in the Universe - including a study of the Earth-Sun-Moon system and the causation of seasons and tides.
    Within the study of the above four topics, we will study people's effect on the environment and how we might preserve and conserve our natural resources.
    About Zoology ...

    Zoology is the study of animals!  We begin with an introduction on the characteristics of animals, the role of zoos, and a brief review of general biology topics (the cell, classification, protein synthesis, and natural selection, to name a few) that will be useful to know in studying animals.

    About Parent Portal...
    For answers to your questions or information please visit the West Forsyth website  or the WSFCS website at:   www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us  > Click on “Select a School” > Select West Forsyth > Click on Parent Portal.

    If you are a current user you WILL NOT need a new username and password for the new school year.     
    Parents requesting a new account or who have forgotten their password must bring picture identification to the West Forsyth Guidance office.
    One final note ... Mr. K. Koeval teaches Chemistry and AP Environmental Science.  If you are trying to locate his website, please navigate back to the Faculty/Staff listing and click on his name.